CMMS new features: mobile app’s new design

Each month, you find on our blog a summary of Mobility Work CMMS new features. To celebrate this new year, we have announced to all our users the update of their mobile application!

Discover the CMMS mobile app’s new version

The new version of the mobile CMMS, which was announced a few days ago and which was expected by many of our customers, is now available!

The interface has been completely redesigned, so that you now find the same differentiated colors for tasks, activities, and equipment as on the web version, especially on the newsfeed. You have a search bar, which displays your latest queries and equipment you have been looking for. You can use filters, which will be saved from one search to the next.

mobile cmms new version

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From the homepage and the newsfeed, you can scan the QR code of a piece of equipment, create a task or create a piece of equipment. In the equipment sheet, access all related information (history, photos, documents, associated tasks, related equipment, etc.). As far as activities are concerned, you can still use voice input, choose to be notified by email and fill in the time spent: you can now use an automatic (by minute) or manual stopwatch. Download the documentation directly on your mobile and set the appropriate privacy settings. If you take out a spare part during an activity, simply scan its QR code to update the stock levels.

Finally, go to your profile to edit it at any time. You will also find the Intercom bubble at the bottom right of the screen to contact our support team if you encounter a problem. If necessary, you have access to the Support Center, where all the questions you might have are gathered in one single place.

Retrieve data on your maintenance

Thanks to the latest updates to Mobility Work’s maintenance management platform, you benefit from greater visibility on all your operations: administrators can now receive automatic weekly reports every Monday, by email, starting at 12 o'clock. This is the opportunity to review the activity of your teams and take stock of the latest operations carried out. 

cmms analytics maintenance data

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Users continue to see their analytical tool evolve: with the new menu (accessible from the left of your screen), the Statistics tab has disappeared. It remains accessible from the dashboard (click on "Show old view"). This gives you access to tables that gather your maintenance data and analyze your maintenance to help you adapt your strategy accordingly.

Manage your teams, tasks and activities in the CMMS

Among January's new features is also better management and organization in the various activities to be carried out. You can now, for instance, assign a production profile to a maintenance plan (level 1), choose whether or not to be alerted when a task is completed if you created it yourself, access a simplified task creation form directly from the home page or ask your supplier for documentation on an equipment from the equipment's file.

The search feature is evolving!

In terms of research, you may have noticed a number of improvements. When you are on the newsfeed, the last saved filter will be used by default for your next search. You can now add colors to the labels and filter the newsfeed using only the labels, so that only related activities are displayed. A QR code button has also appeared in the results list when you perform a search, allowing you to view and print QR codes much more easily.

To stay informed of updates on our next-gen maintenance management platform and improve your own maintenance process, discover the CMMS Mobility Work without further delay!

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