Discover the Mobility Work CMMS public API feature

While CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) enable companies to centralize their maintenance and streamline their processes, mobile and next-gen solutions such as Mobility Work are revolutionizing the way they are used. Today we are introducing our public API feature, which helps field teams gain greater visibility into inventory while performing their maintenance tasks.

What are APIs?

The term API (application programming interface) is “a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other” (MuleSoft).

What does this feature allow?

This completely new feature allows tools, such as ERP software, to be connected to Mobility Work. As a result, some actions, which were previously managed manually by users, can be fully automated within the CMMS: stock or indicator retrieval, task creation, spare parts imports, etc.

More specifically, users will be able to easily create, edit and delete one or more spare parts in the ERP and the information will be visible in their CMMS software. This will allow field teams to access valuable information, such as real-time stock levels in order to increase efficiency.


How does it work?

To use this feature, you must identify the people in your company who can support this component. So you can either turn to your IT department to implement the operating solutions for this API, or directly designate someone in your plant to create an account on your maintenance management platform Mobility Work.

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No matter what the tool you want to communicate with your CMMS is (ERP or CRM, Excel file or Google Sheets, etc.), the public API will retrieve the data you are interested in from this tool or database so that you can visualize it in your maintenance management software. This way, you can access this data independently.

Your API account

By subscribing to an API account, your rights are equivalent to those of a network administrator (editing maintenance plans, creating tasks and other features are available), in addition to the access to the public API. Since API accounts are intended for third-party use and sometimes outside a network, the login information provided to you will not allow you to connect to the platform if the feature has not been enabled. In parallel, the CMMS user account does not allow to use the public API, in order to guarantee an optimal level of security.


The objective of this new feature is once again to guarantee you a high degree of autonomy. In this sense, you will find all the information and documentation you may need directly on the interface. All users or solution integrators remain very independent.

Use case with the CMMS

More concretely, your first use of the API is divided into three main steps. Once your need and the tool you want to connect have been identified, all you have to do is to contact us to get access.

Then, connect to the API page, where you can test the feature and use it manually. It is important to note that the API only supports the standard JSON-LD format for integrating your data. As an integrator, you will then access the URLs listed on the documentation page in order to perform the various actions required. Once the various steps have been completed, the information simply goes up in the CMMS and the technicians and field operators have the data in real-time. Our team is here to help you monitor the process to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

To start using this new feature and to follow your stock levels from your CMMS, get in touch with us to receive your login information and visit our API page!