CMMS new features: QR codes, data import and task creation

Each month, we publish a summary of the latest features of Mobility Work CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) on our blog. Thanks to the work of our teams during the month of October, you will be able to benefit from several new features on your application.  

You now have access to the new task search page and the possibility to print QR codes, equipment and spare parts directly from the "search" function of your application. We have improved the "activity export" function and the task creation form. Last but not least, if you wish to upload files on equipment, tasks and maintenance plans, you can now import them with XLSM extension. 

You can discover those new features on video (English subtitles available)!

New task search page

We want our functionalities to be readable and accessible: they are regularly updated, in order to offer you a user friendly maintenance platform. 

This month, we would like to introduce to you the new task search page. We know that many maintenance technicians use this feature on a daily basis. This is why our teams have implemented a new version of this feature to allow you to better visualize important information. 


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Print your data from the "search" function 

For Mobility Work, the goal has always been to support maintenance professionals in their daily work. We keep this philosophy in mind for all our decisions regarding our CMMS, especially when developing new functionalities. Thanks to your numerous feedbacks, we have understood that printing your data is an important element in the success of your maintenance operations. 

Therefore, you now have the possibility to print QR codes, equipment and spare parts directly from the "search" function.


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Improvement of some features

Improving our functionalities is an essential step in the development process of our CMMS application. 

This month, we wanted to focus on the export of the activities and to improve some of its functionalities, in order for you to use counters and tags more freely. Counters allow you to quantify and to follow information on equipment, areas or industrial sites; tags enable you to customize information available in Mobility Work CMMS in order to get more accurate feedback regarding your maintenance interventions.

Another goal for October was to improve the task creation form. Available from the newsfeed, you can now integrate the mandatory groups of tags. 


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Import all your files into your CMMS

Putting documents online can be a tough task. On a daily basis, it is not uncommon to encounter an error message because the file we want to import is not in the right format. This is a real waste of time. Thanks to our latest modifications, you can now upload your XLSM files for tasks, equipment and maintenance plans. 

You can connect to your Mobility Work application now to discover the new features or sign up for a free 7-day trial!

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