CMMS new features: photos on checklists and hourly rate

Each month, we publish a summary of the latest features of Mobility Work CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) on our blog.

Throughout the month of September, we have been developing new functionalities, to help you prepare for this new year. From now on, you will be able to add photos to your checklists, to create a task on a piece of equipment from the "search" function and to further optimize your inventory management.

You can discover those new features on video (English subtitles available)!

Illustrate your checklists

Following your feedback and numerous requests, we have continued to improve the checklists. You can now add photos to your checklists to illustrate them. This new feature will bring more readability to your maintenance tasks and contribute to your efficiency.

 cmms pictures checklists maintenance

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Create a task on a piece of equipment

Time often runs out in the daily life of a maintenance professional. This is why we want to offer you an optimized maintenance management application that will meet your needs and best fit your schedule. It is therefore with the objective of saving time that you will now have the possibility to create a task on a piece of equipment directly from the "search" function of your application.

 task equipment maintenance

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Manage spare parts in your CMMS

Whatever maintenance strategy you choose, a good strategy goes hand in hand with good inventory management. That's why we've continued to improve the search for spare parts in your CMMS to make replenishing your inventory easier and more accessible.

 cmms spare parts management

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Add technicians' hourly rates

To facilitate the daily work of your maintenance teams, don't forget that you have the possibility to indicate the hourly rates of the technicians if you have an administrator account. This feature shows the cost of your tasks and promotes the transparency necessary for the successful completion of these tasks and activities. It therefore allows for better organization and greater efficiency within your CMMS.

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