Manufacturers, join the platform!

The next gen maintenance management platform is now open to equipment and consumable manufacturers!

It has already been two years that Mobility Work has been providing users with many features enabling them to improve their daily maintenance routine management: innovative and powerful search tool, easy equipment creation and duplication, document management, calendar, social network, news feed, analytics tool, etc. Success was immediate: many clients have already subscribed, and the number of registrations keeps increasing, which confirms the interest of many business fields in 4.0 industry solutions.

This Autumn, Mobility Work has decided to go even further, and to open the next gen maintenance management platform to equipment and consumable manufacturers.

The goal is to enable a direct contact between different industrial players, as well as a fair trade situation between equipment/consumable manufacturers and field players (maintenance technicians and managers, methods, production, quality, purchasing department, etc.).

Thanks to the dedicated dashboard, manufacturers can register and update their company profile and share official information (technical information, pictures, documents, ranges of maintenance operations, etc.) regarding their products.

Manufacturers, register your profile and your equipment catalogue and join the first online maintenance community!

Add your company to Mobility Work’s list of official manufacturers, and your products to the official catalogue, so that users can see them while performing a research on the app and duplicate them directly.

Gather opinions and feedbacks from the members of the community using the comment and rating system to keep a direct contact with your final users and provide the best answers to their expectations and requirements by improving your products.

For more information on this topic, do not hesitate to visit our ‘manufacturers’ page as well as our prices, or feel free to contact us directly.

Stay tuned to be informed of the forthcoming launch of the service providers platform!