CMMS new features: optimization and new languages

Every month, you will now find on our blog a summary of the new features of Mobility Work CMMS. In July, our teams continued to optimize your dashboard. Thanks to this analytical tool, you can define the best industrial maintenance strategy to implement: conditional, preventive, predictive...

We have therefore improved some of the software's tools, such as the search engine, to offer you more flexibility and allow you to save even more time in the field.

Follow your plant’s activity in your CMMS

The analytical tool in Mobility Work CMMS allows its users to carry out a real assessment of the maintenance activities carried out over the selected period. You will find various graphs: equipment that required the most intervention, most active users, labels most used to classify operations... All these variables give you a concrete overview of the tasks performed by industrial maintenance teams.

A new graph has been added to the tool this month: the "Top 10 of the most popular keywords". Visible from the tabs Number of tasks and Number of activities, it shows you the terms that have been most used over the period you have selected and according to the filters chosen in the panel.

Among the new features, you will also find a new menu: Tasks status. As its name suggests, it allows you to monitor the progress of the various activities of the maintenance teams. Data can be filtered by users, labels or cost centers. Here too, you have a filter panel that allows you to classify the results by maintenance plan, user, equipment, date, etc.


Mobility Work comes with several tools to follow tasks and activities performed in your network

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To further refine the results, you can click on the legend to display only the data you are interested in:

Save time while in the field

One of Mobility Work's credo is to help you save you valuable time when working in the field: finding your equipment sheets, accessing the intervention history, completing a new task or assigning your colleagues to new activities is done in just a few seconds.

In this sense, the application has a search function, which has been improved in recent weeks. It is now easier for users to perform a task search over a given period of time, which will provide more accurate results.

To make your CMMS experience always smoother, you can directly consult, on the equipment, the documents related to the various associated tasks. Whether you need to consult images, plans, technical documents, notices, videos or other files, all the files you may need are accessible in just a few clicks.


Mobility Work allows operators and technicians to be autonomous: task creation, maintenance plans, notifications for every new activity…

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Our mobile solution ultimately allows you to save time and energy since all the data relating to your maintenance service is within reach.

App now available in Turkish and Portuguese (Br)

Our application is now available in two new languages, in addition to the previous 13 ones! Just to let you know, Mobility Work is already employed in more than 80 countries around the world by different industries and by thousands of professionals from the industrial maintenance sector.

Designed to meet the needs of very small businesses, SMEs and international structures alike, our software has already been adopted by foundries, cosmetics manufacturing plants, rail and energy companies, public bodies, major players in the agri-food sector, large international groups, etc.

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