Mobility Work at the French Tech Tour China 2018

From November 26th to December 7th, Bpifrance in collaboration with Business France held the 7th edition of the French Tech Tour China. As part of this program, Mobility Work has benefited from an immersive journey into the Chinese innovation ecosystem.

The new French Tech on a journey through China

After Stuttgart, Mobility Work’s team set its course to China. On September 18th, Bpifrance and Business France announced the names of the 16 participants of the French Tech Tour China program, of which Mobility Work was fortunate enough to be a part of. Selected by an international jury composed of French industry players, investors and entrepreneurs, the participants were immersed in the heart of Chinese technological innovation centres. For the 2018 edition, the organizers put the spotlights on the digital and energy sectors.

This route no longer needs to prove its worth. Following the 2017 edition, 100% of the participants declared that they would be willing to recommend the French Tech Tour; 70% of them had started commercial negotiations following their immersion.

A tailor-made program

While China is now the world's second largest technological ecosystem, the French Tech Tour offers a development lever for French entrepreneurs in China. Through this program, the organizers are providing young French Tech companies with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of China and prepare for their integration into the Chinese market.

The main objective of the French Tech Tour is to give startups the opportunity to measure their degree of opportunity on the Chinese market. First, by increasing their visibility and developing new relationships. This involves meeting experts, leads and potential partners, but also pitching and group coaching sessions, then mastering professional practices and codes specific to the Chinese market.

"A great asset for Mobility Work's visibility"

For two weeks, Mobility Work presented its next-gen CMMS software in five Chinese cities. From Shanghai, Canton, Shenzhen to Beijing and Hong Kong, the Mobility Work team was able to initiate contacts and engage a dialogue with various big players of the Chinese market, in order to establish possible partnerships for the future.

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This feasibility study represents a first step towards the integration of Mobility Work CMMS on the Chinese market. With two B2B meetings a day and a networking cocktail in the evening bringing together all the members of the Tech Tour community, this program was a real driving force for Mobility Work’s visibility, the first next generation maintenance management platform. Our contacts could discover the advantages and innovative functionalities of Mobility Work CMMS: newsfeed, analytics tool, equipment duplication...

Thanks to the French Tech Tour China, the Mobility Work team was able to learn more about the Chinese market: we will now be able to define and increase the development possibilities of our next gen CMMS locally, but also study the complementarity of our solution with other existing offers. The entire Mobility Work team thanks Bpifrance and Business France for their invitation to the French Tech Tour China 2018 and the organisation of a major event.

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