Mobility Work Blog Series on User Experience

Mobility Work UX Series are dedicated to our customers and their unique user experience

Tomorrow Mobility Work will publish on its blog the first interview from a series dedicated to User Experience (UX). Usability has always been our main priority and now we would like to hear what our customers have to share about it.

Conventional CMMS software are costly, complicated and require additional trainings. Mobility Work provides a unique user experience with highly intuitive design, costing only 30 € per month and it doesn’t require any training.

These are the estimated main benefits of Mobility Work after 6 Months of use:

Problems Mobility Work Solutions Benefits
Equipment entry 2 minutes vs 1 hour with a standard CMMS software Example : Plant – 400 Machines.
14h vs 400h for a standard CMMS
Gain : 386 hours – 48 days
Production stop – Maintenance intervention Quick access to the machines history with your smartphone 5 % less time spent on an intervention
Intervention planning Improved intervention management/planning 10 % of the intervention time:
Gain: 14 h/month/technician
Spare parts information Quick research with the search bar and from your smartphone 6 % of the intervention time
Gain: 8 h/month/technician
Spare parts stock management Help to implement the 5S method - automatic resupply - anticipation of the spare part purchase - inventory valuation 10% of the maintenance budget for spare parts
Reporting Automatic dynamic reports with the analytics tool 15 % of the maintenance manager’s time
Maintenance budget / CAPEX Monitoring of expenditures ( workforce/orders/spare parts) – Decision-making: maintenance or investment ? 3 % of your maintenance budget

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