Our new website is live

We are proud to unveil our new website Mobility-work.com, now offering an improved user experience and some brand new features.

Mobility Work is back with a brand new website, even more efficient, user-friendly, modern and dynamic, inspired by our corporate identity and our innovative product. Benefit from an improved user-experience and the new search bar, which will allow you to navigate quickly and easily.

Rediscover our news and blog articles, which were optimized to help you improve your daily maintenance management. Also visit our thirty new support articles and their associated tutorials: find answers to all your questions, and follow the step-by-step guide, with easy, detailed and illustrated explanations.

Mobility Work’s mobile app, available on iPhone and Android, was already translated into 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian.

Mobility Work’s website, which was available in French and English, has now been translated into Spanish! We are also working on the Chinese translation which will be released soon. Stay tuned, do not miss the website’s future translations!

Among the main new features and improvements made, Mobility Work, Next Gen Maintenance Management Platform is now open to manufacturers and service providers: we now allow to connect machine and consumable manufacturers as well as service providers and consultants with other industrial players (managers, maintenance technicians, production managers, etc.). Manufacturers will be able to exchange with field technicians in order to avoid product obsolescence and disinformation, in a constructive and open discussion. We will also allow service providers to advertise themselves to all the users of the community.

For more information, do not hesitate to see our detailed prices, and request a quote directly online.

Also, learn more about our team, our philosophy, and why not, join us!