Why You Should Tag Your Equipment?

Tagging for Improved Asset Management

The latest update of Mobility Work the industry 4.0 CMMS is the tag function. Tagging will identify and classify every single piece of your equipment in different categories. This will significantly improve your asset management and eliminate any need for manual documentation or data entry. Some examples include:

➤ Tag your equipment by production line to enable the analyses of the intervention time spent on each production line.

➤ Tag your pressure equipment to easily identify a certain regulatory class.

➤ Tag your maintenance contract on every piece of equipment to facilitate monitoring external providers.

gmao tags mobility work - pourquoi tagger vos équipements.jpg

Tagging helps the user to easily gather data on the status of company assets. On the one hand classifying equipment in dedicated categories can provide alerts to ensure scheduled maintenance is performed on time and on the other hand can significantly improves the data analysis of the already performed maintenance tasks.