How to choose a CMMS to maintain your car fleet?

Companies that have a fleet of vehicles know how significant its financial impact is. In fact, its management is often the third largest cost item for a company, after investment and salaries. Implementing an efficient CMMS to maintain it can significantly reduce costs while improving employee and customer satisfaction.


Managing a vehicle fleet is a complex task, involving several areas of intervention such as administrative management, logistics and vehicle maintenance.

A vehicle fleet is a cost center that can be exponential if it is not controlled. Moreover, beyond the financial aspect, the proper management of a vehicle fleet is also a management technique that leads to the satisfaction of employees and customers.

This is a crucial area since lack of maintenance or poor organisation generates additional costs and reduces the lifespan of vehicles. It also increases the risk of accidents.

Organising maintenance

Any company with a fleet must implement a maintenance management system and define a maintenance policy adapted to the fleet. This policy must include several elements.

On the one hand, maintenance interventions must be scheduled: maintenance routine must therefore be planned at regular intervals, based on time or mileage criteria for each vehicle, according to the model and manufacturer's instructions.

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Thanks to a maintenance management solution, teams organize their work day from the calendar.

In addition, safety inspections must be carried out on a daily or weekly basis and a report should be drawn up each time.

Finally, a tracking system in the form of an appropriate protocol must be in place to manage the follow-up of maintenance and repairs carried out on the vehicle and to record its history.

Tracking maintenance interventions

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential, but so is a comprehensive monitoring system. This requires the definition of sustainable inspection policies to ensure regular maintenance.

It is also necessary to establish a maintenance and repair logbook, and to ensure that each person involved is aware of his or her responsibilities in the maintenance process and is properly trained.

The benefits of well-organized maintenance

By implementing an efficient system based on maintenance planning and operation monitoring, a company with a fleet of vehicles becomes more efficient. It can thus prevent or avoid vehicle defects, save on avoided repair costs, and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Difficulties in car fleet maintenance

Many companies and public institutions have difficulty in obtaining a satisfactory level of service in terms of fleet maintenance. Ways of working may, for example, vary from one team to another or from one site to another.

Often, the number of people involved is also at stake. Inadequate coordination between all of them and the resulting lack of planning leads to long lead times for vehicle pick-up and repair, which is detrimental to the productivity of the company or institution concerned.

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The maintenance of a vehicle fleet can be optimized through the use of efficient computerized maintenance management software

The benefits of maintenance management software 

Vehicle fleet maintenance is a daily challenge for managers. In addition to simplifying its management, optimized maintenance using CMMS saves money and provides peace of mind for both the teams in charge and the drivers. 

Find out how the Peugeot Japy plant has improved its maintenance

This solution allows to set up preventive and proactive maintenance. This improves employee safety, reduces the frequency of vehicle downtime and repair costs, and facilitates strategic decision-making.

Next-gen CMMS is the future of the automotive sector

New solutions such as Mobility Work represent the future of fleet maintenance.

A mobile CMMS at the service of teams

The Mobility Work application is 100% mobile. It can be used from any smartphone or tablet. The teams in charge of fleet maintenance can therefore enter the reports of their interventions in real time, from anywhere. This both facilitates their work and improves the quality of maintenance monitoring. In addition, it represents a considerable saving in time and energy, which contributes to better productivity.

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A community at the service of each user

Each user of Mobility Work CMMS software is part of a community with which he or she can share the information he or she wants, and benefit from the feedback and maintenance data of the other members.

In sectors such as the automotive industry, this feature is particularly valuable because it provides an overview of the maintenance of a particular vehicle model that cannot be obtained from the experience of a single company.

Big Data for predictive maintenance

A next-gen solution integrates the latest advances in Big Data. Coupled with Mobility Work’s community, this allows each user to benefit from considerable power to analyse maintenance operations on each vehicle model.

It is then possible to set up particularly effective predictive maintenance based on data collected anonymously from a large number of users and covering a very large number of vehicles.

Managing the maintenance of a vehicle fleet is now much easier with a next-gen maintenance management platform.  Not only is the work of teams simpler and more efficient, but maintenance strategies to increase fleet productivity are also easier to implement, at a limited cost.