We believe in the power of communication and in the power of community to improve maintenance management, that is why we set ourselves the goal to create the biggest online maintenance community as well as tomorrow’s maintenance management platform.

Mobility Work's concept was born out of the need for innovation and performance. It is inspired by the applications we like to use in our everyday lives and famous social networks.

Mobility Work's team

Mobility Work gathers men and women working together to surpass the expectations of demanding clients in terms of quality and attention which each of our team member is constantly committed to meet.

  • Marc Antoine TALVA - Founder & CEO

    Marc Antoine TALVA Founder & CEO

  • Morgane GUINOT - Founder & Product Owner

    Morgane GUINOTFounder & Product Owner

  • Sarah KHALIL - Technical Lead

    Sarah KHALIL Technical Lead

  • Frédéric LEFRESNE - Sales representative

    Frédéric LEFRESNE Sales representative

  • Fabrice GARAVAGLIA - Sales representative

    Fabrice GARAVAGLIA Sales representative

  • Xionchao HU - Project Manager (Chinese Market)

    Xiongchao HU Project Manager (Chinese Market)

  • Daphné MOTHES - Communication & Marketing Manager

    Daphné MOTHES Communication & Marketing Manager

  • Hafid SETIAWAN - Web Developer

    Hafid SETIAWAN Web Developer

  • Christophe LEPORT - System Operations

    Christophe LEPORT System Operations

  • Alain Hippolyte - Developer

    Alain Hippolyte Developer

  • Ralitsa Peycheva - Content Manager

    Ralitsa Peycheva Content Manager

  • Norah Riche - Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Norah RicheSenior Talent Acquisition Specialist


Why Mobility Work?

Each company has its own story and motivations… Mobility Work has many, however some key points seem essential to be talked about and shared with you.

Our experience with traditional CMMS tools

We experienced traditional CMMS tools ourselves, and we know that most traditional CMMS solutions are too expensive and very difficult to implement.

The solution usually requires to be set up by a skilled IT team, and users are confronted to user-unfriendly interfaces and are required to take long training sessions.

Communication is generally faulty between technicians of the same plant or the same group, and management tools differ from one site to another.

However, many maintenance technicians are operating on the same equipment on a daily basis, and share the same issues.

Traditional CMMS tools
Mobile maintenance management tool

Easy & mobile maintenance management tool

The first idea of Mobility Work was to create a simple mobile maintenance management tool, as we strongly believe in user-friendliness.

We are committed to providing a cost-effective and efficient CMMS solution for maintenance managers and teams.

Our product does not require any IT skill or training. As a matter of fact, most users manage to master all the tool’s features within one day.

Community-based CMMS

Nowadays, Mobility Work has mainly become a community-based CMMS tool, which allows maintenance technicians from all around the world to share information on issues or to share best practices in dedicated groups, but also to easily communicate with collaborators in their daily work (machine manufacturers, service providers, specialized firms, freelancers, etc.).

Community CMMS

User experience is key for us

We provide frequent updates, which may be carried at the initiative of the users. Users are at the heart of the product, and we work everyday to provide the most satisfying experience.

Mobility Work belongs to a new generation of innovative startups and we are proud to be part of the FrenchTech move.

User experience CMMS