Mobility Work is the first maintenance platform allowing to connect service providers and consultants with all the industrial players (maintenance managers and technicians, production managers, equipment or consumable manufacturers, etc.).

Monitoring external companies operating in your plant can be sometimes difficult, whether it means to follow their interventions, maintenance contracts or services, or budget issues.

Plateforme de maintenance communautaire
Catalogue en ligne prestataires de maintenance industrielle

Trying to find a reliable technically specialized service provider can be just as complicated! You may have been employing the same service provider for the past two years, although there is a more cost-effective company working on the same equipment in your area.

That is why we decided to open Mobility Work, Next Gen Maintenance Management Platform to service providers, in order to enable any reliable company to advertise itself, so that other users from the community can benefit from its services.

Create your service provider page

Mobility Work, Next Gen Maintenance management Platform, includes a company directory, including service providing or consulting companies specialized in industrial maintenance or asset management (name, logo, address, email, phone number, description). Many service providers technicians profiles are directly invited or registered by maintenance technicians or managers, or production technicians.

We allow you to create a Service Provider Profile for your company, so that users who do not know you will be able to discover your services, and those who already know your company will be able to find you and to add you to their network in one click.

Put your interventions forward

Nowadays, maintenance managers are having a hard time finding specialized service providers. If this provider already knows your company, he will only have to enter your company’s name to find you. However, if he does not know you already, it will be more difficult for him to get in touch.

That is why Mobility Work’s platform enables users to search companies by their name, but also by interventions on some equipment (equipment name, intervention description), using all the information gathered by the community. If a technician from your service providing company operated on one of your client’s shot blasting machine, a maintenance manager from another plant will be able to find you typing the word “shot blasting machine” in the search bar, tab “service providers”.

See your clients’ ratings and answer their comments

All clients can rate your interventions in Mobility Work CMMS, based on the following criteria: price, quality, deadlines. These ratings will be made public to every user of the Mobility Work platform, and will allow maintenance managers to compare companies. Create a service provider profile for your company to access these ratings and answer the comments about the maintenance interventions carried our by your technicians.

Plateforme de maintenance communautaire
Plateforme de maintenance communautaire

Find new potential clients

The research feature available on Mobility Work will enable you to look for anonymous users sharing maintenance issues using keywords. Contact them using the instant messaging feature, and chat with them about their issues. You can also do the same thing with other maintenance users who visited your company page.

Recommend Mobility Work to your clients who do not know the platform already

Who better than you to help and advice future Mobility Work users on the path of Next Gen maintenance? If you are already convinced of the efficiency of our product, talk about it around you, and become a business partner of Mobility Work! For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Plateforme de maintenance communautaire

Business sectors
part of Mobility Work’s service providers

Here are a few examples of business sectors which you can find in our CMMS solution.

Which types of business sectors are part of the Mobility Work community?

Nowadays, many industrial businesses are part of Mobility Work’s CMMS, and here a few examples:

Which types of service providers are part of the Mobility Work community?

Nowadays, many service providers are part of Mobility Work’s platform, and here a few examples: