CMMS: How to add documents to my interventions?

CMMS Software: How to add documents to my work orders?

To improve your maintenance management, it is of critical importance to be able to follow your maintenance interventions in your CMMS. However, each intervention gathers technical expertise, gained while working on equipment issues: work order description, time spent, description of the operation carried out by the technician, which may be improved by adding technical and multimedia documents.

Picture, photos, videos or audio recordings may enable a maintenance manager, technician, or production technician to have a better understanding of the equipment’s issues. Using the Mobility Work mobile app, you may add all the information from your smartphone in a few seconds. Many cell phones also have a thermal camera, which allows in a few seconds to detect a mechanical or electrical temperature rise, and to add it to your maintenance operation. The picture will appear in your network’s news feed: all users will be informed of the heating situation, and can also comment it from the work order at any time.

Add any type of document to your interventions in your Mobility Work CMMS, such as ranges of maintenance operations in Excel, operatory modes in PDF, interventions reports from your service providers, visit reports, etc.

Your documents are set as private by default, but you can decide at any time to share them with your industrial group if there are several plants, or with the Mobility Work maintenance community.


Mobility Work CMMS allows operators and technicians to be autonomous: task creation, maintenance plans, notifications for every new activity…

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With traditional CMMS softwares, it is not easy to find the right document: that is the reason why we decided to implement the document research feature in the Mobility Work maintenance app. This feature will enable you to find your documents in a few seconds using keywords, which can be very useful if you are looking for a specific range of interventions, an estimate, a service provider, or a maintenance intervention summary from a maintenance contract.

In case of a problem on a maintenance intervention, you can look for a solution in the community’s public documents, and try to find a helpful solution to carry out your repair. Mobility Work CMMS can be considered as the first maintenance technical library on maintenance operations.

Add as many documents as you want on your maintenance software. For more information on safety or data storage, do not hesitate to contact us.

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