How to add documents to my equipment in my CMMS?

Document management is essential for maintenance services, but is often neglected due to the high complexity of classic CMMS software. Like many other industry professionals, your documents are probably scattered all over your server, finding them is very difficult, and it is hard to consult them on our tablet, without even mentioning the thousands of hard copies stocked in your archives of which no copies have been made, which can be quite an disaster in case of fire or any other incident.

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That is the reason why we decided to make it easier for you to add documents to equipment pages, just dragging the element.

You can store all your equipment documents and information in your CMMS, such as:

  • Electrical/hydraulic schemes;
  • Mechanical plans;
  • Operatory modes;
  • Ranges of maintenance interventions;
  • Components lists;
  • Settings and operating handbooks;
  • Spare parts catalogue;
  • Technical characteristics, etc.

You can also add sounds, pictures and videos to these documents, which can be very useful to understand in a few seconds the functioning process, or to compare a potential problem to the initial situation of the piece of equipment.

The searching feature will enable you to quickly find the right documents using keywords in your CMMS. The community also offers the possibility to collect information using a public document base, shared by other members of the community. If you have lost a document, or if you are looking for a range of maintenance interventions on similar equipment, quickly find the right information as well as the right representative using Mobility Work’s social network.

Select your document’s privacy level in the Mobility Work CMMS, and share your document with the community, your industrial group, or with your plant only. You can also add links to other documents available on your server, or on other websites.

Duplicate your equipment from the manufacturers’ catalogue, and benefit from all the documents provided. This is how you will be able to obtain official information from the machine’s manufacturer, and to be notified if a new document or information is added (end of a maintenance contract, obsolescence, etc.) on your equipment.

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To conclude, it is very easy to add a document to a piece of equipment in your Mobility Work CMMS: import as many files and document types as your want.