How to Analyze my Maintenance’s Criticality using a matrix?

The criticality matrix is essential for all plants and helps you make better decisions and anticipate risks more efficiently

A criticality matrix, or risk matrix, is a tool that helps companies and plants assess the criticality of a given risk. Structures often use it when they want to manage, anticipate and annihilate potential failures.

Still, criticality analysis is often hard to process on a machine pool. There are multiple criteria to take into account: participant, production line, realization period, equipment concerned, etc., which make it even more difficult. CMMS usually gathers all the data you could use, but it doesn’t allow you to analyze the criticality in just a click, quite the contrary. That is why we have integrated the criticality matrix preview to Mobility Work CMMS: this feature gives maintenance managers or plant’s directors the possibility to easily access critical assets on a given period of time.

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What is a criticality matrix?

Criticality matrix allows you to quickly analyze the most critical equipment of your machine pool during a given period. They are made to ease the analysis thanks to a color code: yellow for minor elements, orange for less important ones and finally red for the most critical ones. To make the best use of it, one needs to take the different parameters into consideration (cost center, maintenance technician, tag, equipment…), that can be selected, as well as variables (intervention time, number of interventions). All the data displayed come from your CMMS software Mobility Work, and are gradually fed by maintenance technicians’ interventions. It is possible to filter information to obtain a level of criticality according to the defined filters:

  • equipment

  • cost center

  • tag

  • tasks creator

  • task status

  • maintenance plan choice

  • intervention length

You can also select the “date” filter, which takes the dataset into account.

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Criticality matrix: Cost center / Maintenance technicians

This matrix displays the criticality between the different cost centers (production line, geographic or financial breakdown depending on the companies) and maintenance technicians. It is therefore possible to identify the technicians who work the most on a given production line.


Criticality matrix: Tags / Maintenance technicians

This matrix displays the criticality between tags and maintenance technicians. Tags represent the labels on which maintenance operations (preventive, corrective, mechanical, electrical, etc.) and equipment (critical, non critical, etc.), defined by the administrator of your CMMS software Mobility Work, have been added. This criticality matrix helps identify which maintenance technicians works the most on preventive or curative operations for instance, and also outlines the skills of each person compared to various keywords. This can be very useful when a technician leaves or when a sector needs to justify a specific need.


Criticality matrix: Cost center / Tag

This matrix displays the criticality between cost centers and tags. It allows users to identify the most critical production lines in terms of preventive maintenance or mechanical operations for example. The information displayed as well as other matrix are generated by the data entered in your CMMS software.


Criticality matrix: Equipment / Tag

This matrix displays the criticality between cost centers and the most critical equipment in terms of curative, critical or electrical operations. It is therefore important to configure the right tags in your CMMS software to get the best analysis of your criticality matrix.

Criticality matrix: Maintenance technicians / Equipment

This matrix allows users to estimate the criticality between maintenance technicians who work on operations and equipment. It gives you the possibility to see the technicians who work the most on a given piece of equipment in terms of number of interventions or time spent. It can be particularly interesting when a plant has to justify its need of additional resources on a piece of equipment, of investment or simply in the case of a maintenance technician’s departure.


What benefits can it bring?

Data analysis is a major component when a decision regarding your daily maintenance management has to be made. That is why we offer, thanks to the analytical tool of our CMMS software Mobility Work, a whole set of analysis features, which will allow you to figure out whether you should maintain or invest and if you can justify the use and the implementation of new resources within your maintenance department.

Criticality matrix will help you analyze the various critical elements within your maintenance service: production line, equipment or technicians, and will allow you to manage it in a very dynamic manner.

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