How to duplicate a product from Mobility Work CMMS official catalogue?


CMMS Software : How to duplicate from our official catalogue?

Implementing a CMMS is often complicated because of the time consumption and complexity linked to the creation of all the equipment of a plant. The user is often confronted to unfriendly screens, with a lot of information to fill out, including technical and administrative data of which he is not always aware. At Mobility Work, acknowledging all the new possibilities offered by technology to lead us to industry 4.0, we decided to smooth the data entry process, especially the creation of new equipment and tasks, in order to unlock the data value chain and enable valuable studies and analysis. Why would you lose time looking for and typing information on a piece of equipment or a spare part if it has already been done by someone else? Enjoy our official catalogue!


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What can users duplicate exactly?

Before creating your piece of equipment, you can check if it already exists within the Mobility Work maintenance community. For this, type keywords like the name, the reference, the manufacturer, the category of the piece of equipment in Mobility Work’s quick search bar and you will get different types of results:  

  • If the piece of equipment has already been created by a member of your network, you will find it in your network results.
  • If the piece of equipment has already been created and publicly shared by another user from the Mobility Work community, you will find it in the community results.
  • If the piece of equipment comes from the manufacturer or supplier’s catalogue, you will find on the right-hand box of your screen, in the Official Catalogue.

Mobility Work is a next gen maintenance management platform, open to equipment and consumable manufacturers, who can load a company profile and a catalogue of products on the Mobility Work Official Catalogue.
Any kind of machine, spare part or consumable manufacturer or supplier can join the platform, as many technicians in many different industries tend to use the same tools and face the same difficulties. We believe in the power of community, collaborative work and shared experiences. In the official Catalogue, you will find all types of products like lubricating oils or sprays, air conditioning systems, bearing systems, robot grips...

In order to save your precious time for important and interesting tasks, Mobility Work enables you to duplicate an official product.

How to duplicate an official product as an equipment belonging to my network?

Once you have found your piece of equipment in the products’ official catalogue, you will be able to click on its name or picture to visualize its detailed information (name, brand, reference, pictures, description, attached documents, latest score and comments from the community). Here you will also find a link “Access to the supplier’s profile”, which will direct you to the supplier’s official profile.

On the search preview or detailed information file of the product, you can simply click on the “duplicate as an equipment” button to duplicate the product as a piece of equipment belonging to your network.

This will trigger the creation of a new piece of equipment, and will automatically copy all the information contained in the official product file. You will then have the opportunity to edit it, consider it as a spare part, link it to another piece of equipment, and finalize the duplication in order to add it to your own network and start maintaining this new piece of equipment in your next gen CMMS. You will be able to attach maintenance plans (corrective, predictive, regulatory, etc.) tasks and activities to this new piece of equipment and furthermore, keep the whole company up to date about any maintenance operation happening on it.

By duplicating official products, you will save a lot of time and insure quantity and accuracy of the information contained in your CMMS. This is a first and major step to smart maintenance and industry 4.0. The second one is data crunching and powerful analysis.


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Why duplicating official products from Mobility Work Official Catalogue?

Mobility Work is the first CMMS to enable users to duplicate public equipment or official products from its community of users. This feature is totally in line with the missions of Mobility Work: to make maintenance technicians lives easier and unlock the data value chain in the industrial plants.

One one hand, the duplication of an official product enables technicians to create a piece of equipment in one click, in a few seconds. Through this simplicity and rapidity, Mobility Work eases data entry and collection on the CMMS.
By enabling users to duplicate official products instead of creating equipment themselves and filling in all the information, Mobility Work encourages equipment file creation for every single piece of equipment, spare part or consumable in the plant, which means more information (for each piece of equipment and on more equipment) in the CMMS and more data to analyze.

Moreover duplicating an official product also avoids mistakes or inaccurate information to be entered in the CMMS. All the official information (name, brand, reference, pictures, description, attached documents, and maintenance plans) provided by the official supplier will be automatically reported on the equipment you create.

On the other hand, duplicating official equipment also means generating very useful data for the community.
By duplicating official products, you will agree for a public publication of the equipment you create. Your new equipment will be public and visible to every member of the Mobility Work community. By doing so, you will contribute to enrich the community database, enable users to duplicate your own equipment and generate more data and knowledge to be shared among users.

The more users and data the community gets, the more valuable the platform can be to each of them. Getting to extract and analyze precise maintenance information about a very large amount of equipment in a very large amount of plants in all kind of industrial fields can lead to real predictive maintenance.  

Among the users of the Mobility Work community are machine or equipment manufacturers, consumable suppliers or service providers. By duplicating official products and enriching the community database, you will considerably contribute to their knowledge of their own product and the way they are maintained. Getting data on the state and maintenance of their products, on their defaults or potential improvements areas, not only from one customer in one specific or dedicated area, but on a very large community of users, is a huge opportunity for those products manufacturers or service providers to perfect and innovate to provide their customers (you!) with better tools and services.

Moreover, by contributing to their knowledge, you will engage in a fair relationship with your suppliers and providers, enabling them to follow up easily on your maintenance or production needs, giving advice or discussing new ideas.

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