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CMMS Software : How does our online support service work?

Many of us, at one time or another, will have phoned a helpdesk to ask a question or try to resolve a CMMS problem. Often we'll be put on hold to listen to recorded music, and the person we eventually manage to speak to might not even be familiar with the application, passing on our details to a specialist who will call us back later. All of this seems a great deal of effort when we could have found the answer in seconds if we'd been able to talk to the right person.

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It isn't always straightforward for maintenance engineers to report a problem, discuss an improvement or request a training session to enhance their skills. Unfortunately, their questions are not always addressed, which can prevent them from making any progress. All of this makes for losing a valuable asset, because these field engineers, who use the software every day, are the ones who need to know the application better than anyone else.

To solve this issue and benefit from as much feedback as possible from our users, we have incorporated a chat support feature, enabling any user to contact us at any time, seven days a week, and talk to our teams in their chosen language, whether it be English, French, Spanish or any other available language.


You may wish to ask a question about Mobility Work, seek advice on how to use particular functions in your application or submit ideas for improvements. All you need to do is click on the chat icon and send us your message. Your information will then be forwarded over the phone to our support engineers, who will be able to contact you immediately to answer your questions.

You can submit screenshots and even files if you wish to import data into Mobility Work : our teams are on hand to provide support at any time and to help you manage your maintenance tasks in the best possible way.

Every question will be answered. This solution has allowed us to gain a clear understanding of the kinds of problems engineers face and to quickly identify ways to improve our CMMS software to help them better manage their maintenance tasks.

Unlike other CMMS publishers, who may bill this service as part of a maintenance agreement, Mobility Work offers support at no extra cost over and above your normal subscription fee.

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