Duplicating an existing piece of equipment in my CMMS?


CMMS Software: How to duplicate an existing piece of equipment?

Implementing a classic CMMS software is often difficult due to the time and resources required to create all your equipment. The user is often confronted with complicated screens which require technical data entry, which he is not always aware of.


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Mobility Work’s idea is: why would you spend time searching and entering information on a piece of equipment or a spare part if it has already been done by someone else?

Before you create your piece of equipment, you first need to check using the search bar if a similar machine already exists within the Mobility Work maintenance community. There are several options:

  • The piece of equipment has already been created by other users: these are unofficial information, which should enable you to save time: click on “duplicate”, check the information of your piece of equipment, and add your own information (picture, cost center, tags, etc.);
  • The piece of equipment is an unofficial piece of equipment: this information comes from selected e-commerce websites (eBay, Amazon, etc.), and is often improved with precise information from resellers or manufacturers;
  • The piece of equipment comes from the manufacturers’ catalog: this information has been verified by the manufacturer himself, and you can benefit from: characteristics, technical documents, ranges of maintenance interventions, maintenance plans, spare parts lists, etc. You will also be notified in case of information update on your equipment.

Mobility Work is the only CMMS solution in which you can duplicate equipment from the community, e-commerce websites and manufacturers’ catalogs. We firmly believe that this feature can change our way to manage maintenance and to avoid issues such as equipment obsolescence.

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