How to easily set up my network in my CMMS?


CMMS Software - How to easily set up my network?

User settings in classic a CMMS software can sometimes be difficult: creating user profiles, user groups, authorizations for every app features… these steps are always very time-consuming.

That is why we decided to make user integration and authorization management easier in the Mobility Work maintenance app. First, add users using the “Add” button on the home page. Then if the user has an email address, he will receive a message which will allow him to register; if the user does not have any email address, he can register using a code validation system. Then, to manage the different access rights to Mobility Work features, you will be asked to choose the user’s profile between the following levels:

  • The “Admin” level, which allows users to add and delete equipment, tasks, activities, and to modify authorizations;
  • The “Technician” level, which allows users to add and assign tasks and activities. This status does not enable to modify equipment, nor to add tags, or to edit user authorizations;
  • The “Production” level, which enables users to access the network’s activities and to create production orders for maintenance managers or technicians, depending on your internal validation circuit. You can add as many production profiles as you want; these will not be billed, and will be included in your Mobility Work subscription.
  • The “service provider” level, which allows users to submit maintenance interventions to external service providers. They will only be able to access interventions as well as their own information. The external companies management module allows you to draw up a report of all the interventions carried out by external companies on your site, and to assign them a rating based on the following criteria: cost, quality, safety and deadlines.

All these profiles cover all your plant’s departments (maintenance, new construction, safety, quality, production, finance, human resources, etc.), which might need to access your CMMS.


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Then, you will be able to fill in personal information for every Mobility Work user: email address, phone number, profile picture or logo if it is an external company. You can also tag users in order to gather them according to a precise criterion: for example, tag your technicians, electricians, or all individuals with a hot work permit or electrical authorization. Then, you can assign and schedule maintenance plans or simple interventions to a particular group of users; each technician in the group will be notified of the work to be carried out, and of its status.

You can remove a user and save his personal history: you can update your network’s members listing without impacting your CMMS maintenance history.

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