How to export my files in Excel or PDF in my CMMS?

You might want to export your personal data (maintenance operations, machine lists, used spare parts, etc.) using Mobility Work CMMS, in order to analyze your interventions in your Excel macro, or to provide a PDF list of your interventions to a service provider. Do not worry, your data belong to you, and you can extract them at any time. There are several ways to do so:

  • Extracting them from a list of interventions from the maintenance app's search bar: filter your maintenance data using several criteria (members, cost centers, tags, start date, end date, operations from a maintenance plan, equipment, sub-equipment, etc.), and hit the “Download” button to download your work orders in PDF, XLS or CSV.
  • Extracting them from a list of equipment from your machine list: filter your data using several criteria (equipment with the “regulatory” tag, scheduled maintenance plans, intervention from a particular technician, mechanical intervention in course), and download them in PDF, XLS or CSV.
  • Extracting them from a list of spare parts using several criteria, such as the location, the price, or the stock value: for instance, you can extract a list of spare parts under 1000 euros, which quantity is below the minimum stock value, in PDF, XLS or CSV.

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Database access, SQL queries, etc. are usual tasks for a maintenance manager. Mobility Work’s goal is to you provide you with a simplified data entry and extraction. Ask a copy of all your data stored in Mobility Work’s Cloud at any time.