CMMS: How to follow the news from my network?

CMMS Software: How to follow the news from my network?

Many maintenance technicians are having a hard time when consulting information on traditional CMMS softwares, that is why Mobility Work CMMS is offering a user-friendly interface inspired by social networks. Our initial statement was that we are used to use simple applications in our daily life, but that our professional life is surrounded by complicated softwares and outdated designs. Following this observation, we decided to solve this issue developing an easy news feed, which would enable users to obtain news in real time in order to make the most accurate decisions.

You are able to access all your network’s information from the Mobility Work mobile app or from the web application, such as:

  • repairs or maintenance interventions in course;
  • intervention requests from production;
  • latest added spare parts;
  • latest uploaded documents;
  • latest maintenance plans created;
  • latest added ranges;
  • scheduled interventions from a service provider.

Using the tagging feature, tag your interventions to get information on your maintenance interventions at a glance, such as the type of intervention (electrical, mechanical, boilermaking, automation, etc., preventive, corrective, improvement, etc.), technicians involved, the intervention's completion status using a colour scheme (red is in course, green is finished), and other information, such as whether the intervention is part of a maintenance plan or not.

You can apply filters to your newsfeed, for instance, only to follow tasks with the “safety” tag, or interventions in course on a specific production line only. Many Mobility Work clients choose to install screen displays on their production lines to share real time news. You could also do the same thing on bottleneck machines to follow real time operations on critical assets.


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One of the news feed’s main benefits is to share real time information from the field. We had the opportunity to acknowledge that in many plants: before Mobility Work CMMS was implemented, there was a big gap between all maintenance technicians. For instance, the morning shift would carry out an intervention and would not inform the late shift, so the same spare part would be replaced twice in the same day, or the team would not be aware of recurring failures on certain equipment.

The application also enables technicians to enter data as soon as possible after having executed maintenance operations. Real time data entry can sometimes allow production managers to make different decisions.

Each piece of information regarding the plant management is valuable, and should be available to anyone in order to enable any of your team members to make decisions.

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