How to follow my working time in my CMMS?

CMMS Software : How to follow my working time?

All maintenance technicians must be able to follow their interventions - due or achieved - in Mobility Work CMMS. First, it is necessary to understand how technicians use Mobility Work: once they are connected to the maintenance app, their usually first check the news feed to obtain the latest plant information.

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On the right side, technicians will be able to see scheduled tasks due this week, as well as assigned tasks, or delayed tasks which were not closed. They will also be able to connect to the “My calendar” feature, which enables them to see the full daily, weekly or monthly intervention planning.

Then technicians will have to enter different work orders and the corresponding intervention times throughout their whole work day. However, they need to be able to monitor their data entries at the end of the day in order to correct mistakes or lacking information. The “My work day” feature available on Mobility Work CMMS enables all technicians to follow their data entry progress in the maintenance software. They may also use the intervention list, add filters on their name and export a list of interventions over any period of time in PDF, XLS or CSV. It is also possible to edit and print a list of the next works to achieve.

Every maintenance manager obviously would like his technicians to provide as much information on their interventions as possible, but first, they must be granted the possibility to quickly check their data entry status in the CMMS. Mobility Work offers a user-friendly tool which does not require any training in order to improve maintenance management experience.

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