Machine geolocation with mobile CMMS


Machine geolocation in my Mobile CMMS

Machine geolocation and mobile phone technology is constantly improving, offering new features to help us manage our maintenance equipment more effectively. One of the most significant advances is geolocation, allowing mobile engineers, for example, to quickly geolocate the equipment they need to work on and to enter the details of the maintenance tasks they perform.

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How does this work?

The iOS version of the Mobility Work application is available from the Apple App Store, and the Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. These mobile versions have been developed to make it easier to keep track of maintenance engineers and to create new equipment. To create a new piece of equipment, the following details must be entered into the Mobility Work CMMS software:

  • The name of the equipment;
  • A description of the equipment, covering all relevant details;
  • The cost centre, representing a financial or geographical breakdown of your equipment;
  • Details of the connections with other equipment, in the case of a sub-assembly or a component;
  • The tags or keywords associated with the equipment (important for the analytics module);
  • A photo of the equipment.

You can also use the Mobility Work CMMS mobile app to enter the GPS coordinates for your equipment. By simply clicking on the 'Equipment geolocation' button, the application will automatically retrieve your machine's GPS coordinates. A map will then appear, enabling you to display the exact location of your equipment.

Once this data has been saved, the map will be displayed on your equipment form, indicating its location. You can then launch your GPS system, which will guide you to your machine. This geolocation data will only be accessible at your factory – even if your equipment is public – and no one outside your network will be able to access it.

The machine geolocation function in your CMMS might be used, for example, by a mobile maintenance engineer responsible for managing a number of different wind turbines. To carry out work on a particular turbine, the engineer will simply need to geolocate the equipment, launch a GPS navigator and be guided to the right location.

Similarly, an engineer working on a railway line might identify a failure or a problem and then geolocate the site in the CMMS to quickly enter the location of the fault.

The machine geolocation function can also be useful for industrial groups with several different factories, as it can be used to access information on a piece of equipment in another factory and to locate it immediately in the Mobility Work CMMS.

The options in terms of geolocation will be developed further over the next few years, and will include a geographical simulation of the processes and faults in your CMMS software, based on your equipment's GPS coordinates.

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