How to know the workload/equipment capacity in my CMMS?

CMMS Software : How to know the maintenance capacity planning and workload ?

Every department within your company will have a large amount of data at its disposal, including your maintenance department, with breakdown histories, maintenance schedules and other stored information. All of this data can be saved in a CMMS or an Excel file, but sadly only around 5% of it might actually be used for analysis. This can often be explained by a lack of relevant expertise or insufficient tools for processing and displaying the required information. Of course, these areas are not the responsibility of the maintenance manager.

In response to this problem, we have developed an analytics tool in the Mobility Work CMMS to help maintenance managers make best use of their data and take the right decisions. One of the modules in this tool will allow you to analyse the maintenance capacity planning and workload for your equipment, whether in relation to completed or future tasks, and to calculate your team's capacity for carrying out the required work.

Maintenance capacity planning and workload

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How can I view the maintenance capacity planning and workload for a piece of equipment?

The maintenance capacity planning and workload in the Mobility Work CMMS will allow you to view all completed maintenance tasks plotted over a timeline. Each segment will represent a maintenance task and will be colour-coded as follows:

  • Blue – tasks identified as normal
  • Yellow – tasks identified as abnormal – the number of tasks and hours spent per day are abnormally high
  • Red – anomaly identified in relation to the equipment

This analysis is designed to help you quickly identify anomalies for your equipment. For example, a maintenance engineer might normally spend three hours changing a bearing every two months. Then only four days after fitting the latest bearing, he might need to replace it again and spend eight hours completing the work. The algorithm in the Mobility Work CMMS' analytics tool will detect this kind of anomaly and display it in red on the chart.

mobile cmms software maintenance management system

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What type of maintenance capacity planning and workload y can I view?

You can use the analytics tool to view the following different types of workload:

  • The workload by item of equipment
  • The workload by production line or cost centre
  • The workload by keyword (preventive, electrical, mechanical, etc.)
  • The workload by maintenance engineer

These various tools will enable you to better analyse the maintenance tasks carried out by your engineers and help you make the best decisions. You can also use the search function to filter your charts by keyword. For example, to view the workload for your motors, all you will need to do is enter the word 'motor' in the keyword search box to filter your maintenance tasks. 

mobile cmms software maintenance management system analytic

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How can I view the workload for my maintenance schedules?

You can use the Mobility Work CMMS to generate the same analysis for your maintenance schedules, with the workload for the tasks performed. This will allow you to visually analyse the maintenance capacity planning and workload, while identifying anomalies (maintenance times exceeding the normal or scheduled duration) and shifts in the frequency of particular tasks. For example, if an engineer carries out a task listed on a maintenance schedule every Monday, but on one occasion postpones it to a Tuesday, the algorithm will be able to detect this shift and represent it visually. Similarly, if the amount of time spent on a task exceeds the scheduled duration, this will be indicated by a different colour on the chart.

A similar analysis can be performed for future workloads. Here, it is simply a matter of changing the date-to-date interval and selecting the future periods you wish to analyse. This will allow you to view future tasks and the workload involved for your maintenance teams.

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