How to access maintenance interventions in my CMMS?


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For maintenance operators or managers, it is of crucial importance to be able to access on-going or finished maintenance operations. The CMMS must provide any user with the possibility to access quickly any data about your company’s equipment.

To do so, a maintenance technician first has to search the piece of equipment’s name using the Mobility Work’s research feature. Once the request has been processed and that the machine has been found, it is possible to display several tabs (all tasks, ongoing tasks, calendar, linked equipment, documents, tasks documents, top 5, counters). The three first tabs gather all the information about finished or ongoing maintenance operations on this piece of equipment.

The “all tasks” tab gathers all the maintenance interventions carried out on your piece equipment within your CMMS. It corresponds to your its maintenance history, and represents a great source of data for maintenance technicians and managers. Interventions are ranked from the latest to the oldest, according to the realization date. Green tasks are finished tasks, red tasks are ongoing tasks. Each intervention includes a picture, the planned intervention date, the intervention time, and a cost center. There are also all the activities carried on the intervention. An activity can be defined as a maintenance action carried out by a technician, and includes a description, the time spent, and the realization date. The search bar enables you to quickly find a task using one or several keywords. For instance, you can filter all your interventions tagged with “translation issue” in your maintenance intervention history on a specific piece of equipment.


Create your equipment sheets in the maintenance management app Mobility Work in order to trigger tasks and activities

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The “ongoing tasks” tab is very similar to the “all tasks” tab: it allows the maintenance technicians to quickly see if a task has already been created by a coworker working on a similar issue, and avoid creating duplicates in the CMMS history.

The “calendar” tab gathers all the piece of equipment’s maintenance interventions: archived tasks in green, delayed tasks in red, scheduled tasks in yellow, maintenance plan tasks in blue, and total intervention time on the selected period of time. You can also modify your calendar in your CMMS (month, week, day). Each task includes a description of the maintenance intervention as well as assigned technicians. To move an intervention, just drag it to a new date.

You can also access all tasks and activities of a piece of equipment using the search feature from the Mobility Work CMMS: apply a filter to the equipment name, and enter/push “filter”. Selected interventions will only be related to the piece of equipment on which the filter was applied. You can also choose to filter this list by changing the following settings:

  • Situation of the task (all tasks/ongoing tasks/archived tasks) ;
  • maintenance plans (all tasks/tasks outside of a maintenance plan/tasks from a maintenance plan)
  • users assigned to the task;
  • users who carried out an activity;
  • tags;
  • a cost center;
  • a start date;
  • an end date;

You can download your maintenance interventions results on a piece of equipment from your Mobility Work CMMS software in Excel Excel (.xls et .csv) and PDF.


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The analytics feature enables you to filter operations on a piece of equipment, and to get a synthesis of all the maintenance operations. For more information, please watch our tutorial about Mobility Work’s analytics tool.

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