Maintenance work order in my CMMS software

Maintenance work order and CMMS Software

Entering maintenance work order into a CMMS software is generally quite difficult for maintenance technicians. They are often confronted to wrongly configured screens, which often require a multitude of information in a defined number of fields. Moreover, information is often very difficult to find and to analyze, which brings users to think that data entry will not provide them any added value, and will not improve their daily maintenance management either.

This daily information will become the base of your maintenance management, and will allow you to follow the daily activity in your plant and to capitalize on experience and knowledge transmission regarding maintenance operations on your equipment. This is essential in order to improve decision making skills regarding scheduled maintenance operations or future asset investments.

Creating a task in your CMMS will allow you to follow your maintenance operations; to do so, users must describe the required actions or problem, and assign technicians. You can also add work orders to a group of users with the same tag (“night shift” for example, or “mechanical” technicians). Schedule the intervention and add tags (electrical, mechanical, preventive, etc.), which will enable you to obtain a more accurate analysis of your operations using the analytics tool. Finally, you can notify assigned users by email, and inform them about the situation of the maintenance task in order to improve traceability and follow-up of your maintenance operations.

We offer you to detect recurring failures using the most used keywords, and obtain a more accurate analysis of your operations. Spell checkers and voice commands available in your Mobility Work mobile app allow you to avoid misspelling a word. You will also be able to determine how much time was spent on the engines of your crane, although engines have not been created yet in your system: this can be made possible using the “engine” tag in your intervention description.

There are several ways to create a maintenance intervention:

  • Repair performed by a technician: the technician has to quickly describe the issue, add the name of the colleague he worked with and the date of the maintenance operation.
  • Production intervention request: the aim is to explain the issue or the improvement required. The production technician has to write down the machine availability and assign the intervention to the maintenance manager. If the intervention is validated, then he has to forward the intervention to the assigned technician; if not, the task will be archived and will remain as “non approved” by the maintenance manager.
  • Intervention schedule by a maintenance manager which will show the task, assigned maintenance technicians, the equipment to repair and the scheduled date.

Once the task has been created in your CMMS, you will find all the information formerly entered:

  • Task description;
  • Scheduled date;
  • Technicians assigned;
  • Tags;
  • Cost center of the equipment, which corresponds to a financial or geographical division of your equipment;
  • Picture of your equipment;
  • Task number (which is essential when connecting the Mobility Work CMMS and your ERP);
  • Time spent;
  • Cost of used spare parts;
  • Cost your ERP orders.

You can edit these information at any time, and all users related to this intervention will be notified of the modifications.

mobile cmms software maintenance work order

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Your maintenance technician then will be able to add an activity and to describe his maintenance operation, adding the time he spent on it and the intervention date. All this information will allow you to get an history of all the operations performed on a task, and to improve communication with your technicians. Each activity is also copied in the news feed, so that members of your network will be able to follow the operation. Each activity can be completed with used spare parts, or adding a counter value.

You can also add documents such as ranges of maintenance work order, checklists, or other files (Word, PDF, XLS, CSV, video, photo, sound, etc.) to your maintenance interventions.

The “history” feature available in each maintenance work order will enable you to track its situation using the following elements:

  • Person – date – when was the task created
  • Person – date – when was the task modified
  • Person – date – when was the activity added
  • Person – date – when was the task archived
  • Person – date – when was the task unarchived

This is how you can follow your maintenance work order in your CMMS and get statistics on your intervention, such as the time spent between the intervention request from production and the task realization by a technician, or even the time spent waiting for the resupplying of a spare part using the “pending spare part” tag.

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