How to manage counters in my CMMS?


CMMS Software - How to manage maintenance counters?

Counter management in your CMMS software can be handled by maintenance teams, as well as by production teams. Counters allow to quantify and to follow information on equipment, areas or industrial sites.

With Mobility Work, you can use counters to trigger maintenance interventions through maintenance management software or to complete an intervention report with information which could improve decision making in the future.


Mobility Work's analytic tool gathers all your counters' data to allow you to receive some feedback on your equipment 

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Access counter management in the “settings” menu in the Mobility Work CMMS: create a new counter adding the counter’s name, unit, and unit name. Classic CMMS software often offer to create your counter and to associate all equipment to which the counter applies. Adding 60 forklifts to your counter is very time-consuming and tedious. Maintenance mobile app Mobility Work’s philosophy is different: when creating a maintenance intervention in your CMMS, add a counter value at any time from the intervention’s activity. The counter automatically associates to your equipment and will allow you to gather your equipment by counter.

You can see counters on the equipment page as well as associated cumulative or average values per counter, the description of the intervention on which the counter was used, and the record date.

You can also start maintenance interventions in your Mobility Work CMMS using counters values and improve maintenance scheduling.

Find below some counters you can set up in your CMMS:

  • pulse counters;
  • time counters;
  • water counters;
  • electrical counters;
  • power counters;
  • gas counters;
  • compressed counters;
  • heat counters;
  • mileage counters;
  • downtime counters;

The analytics tool will enable you to analyze your counters and maintenance information in your CMMS to help you to make the best possible  decision.

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