How to manage my documents privacy in my CMMS?

CMMS Software : How to manage my documents privacy ?

The safety of your documents is one of our top priorities. Using Mobility Work CMMS, add all your technical documents to the equipment page at any time (electrical schemes, instruction manuals, nomenclatures, ranges of maintenance operations, Excel checklists, maintenance contracts, safety procedures, 3D plans, etc.), or add them to your interventions (picture of a specific element during a maintenance operation, video of a mechanical malfunction, intervention report from a service provider, etc.).

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All these data will be safely stored in Mobility Work's Cloud. However, you can choose not to share your documents, since there are 3 levels of privacy within Mobility Work: my plant, my industrial group, and the community. You are free to share or not to share your maintenance plans, photos, estimates, etc. You can also set them as private whenever you want.

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