How to manage my instant messaging in my CMMS?

CMMS Software - How to manage my instant messaging ?

One of Mobility Work’s CMMS main objective is to improve internal communication between several departments of a same company, plants of a same industrial group or with an external community.

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Improving communication nowadays, within a same department in order to share instructions for examples, or between two different departments, is usually complicated within a company, and is generally proportional to the industrial site’s size. The Mobility Work CMMS allows you to centralize activities from different departments in one software and to allow departments to communicate. Our messaging feature is inspired by discussion forums, applied to the corporate world. Use our messaging feature to chat with other members of your network, or click on the technician’s name you would like to talk to about maintenance interventions or equipment history. Each discussion is recorded, which can be useful when justifying safety precautions on a maintenance operation.

You can add one or several people to the discussion, as well as attach files (Word, PDF, picture, etc.). There are several way to communicate using Mobility Work:

  • information exchange between a service provider and a maintenance manager;
  • information request from a production manager to the maintenance manager;
  • group discussions between several automation technicians from a maintenance service;
  • display information for the whole maintenance service (memorandum, meeting report, etc.)

You can also chat with users from others plants or industrial groups. Share good practices, advice, or information on a problem. You can for instance create a chat group with all maintenance managers from 3 plants of the same industrial group.

The Mobility Work CMMS also allows you to join a community, outside your industrial group, and share about maintenance issues with other people which may or may not work in the same industry: find groups such as maintenance managers group dedicated to the automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, plastic processing industry, etc.

Contact technicians anonymously at any time to obtain more information in order to invest in a new machine, or to know more about an intervention on a public equipment. Click on his name and start chatting: no username or company name will be disclosed.

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