How to manage the maintenance of my industrial property assets?


Maintenance management is often associated with industrial machines and equipment management. However, it is necessary to take into account the management of property assets and buildings, which are also prone to deterioration. This category includes goods related to buildings (lights, roofs, first aid fire hose reels, etc.), as well as maintenance contracts related to buildings, self-closing doors maintenance for instance.

The main goal of Mobility Work CMMS is to allow you to manage the maintenance of all types of industrial goods and assets, from equipment to industrial buildings, in the same common system available to every department of the company. This tutorial will show you how to monitor the maintenance of your property assets and buildings.

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How to add property assets to my CMMS?

You can easily create a building in Mobility Work CMMS software by clicking on “create a new piece of equipment”. You will have to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Cost center (financial or geographic division)
  • Picture
  • Associated tags (tags are words which allow you to gather equipment by category, “device under pressure” for example).

You will find below an example of a piece of equipment:

  • Name : Entry door n°12 – Finishing department building
  • Description: Serial number 6126900 – Under maintenance contract with company X
  • Cost center: Finishing department
  • Picture: Picture of the door
  • Tags: Self-closing door – Maintenance contract

You also have the possibility to link different building elements between them. You will find below an example provided by a company using Mobility Work CMMS software:

Building - Moulding GP 1

  • First aid fire hose reels - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Flexible door - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Water supply network - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Ventilation - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Heating - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Gas supply network - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Lights - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Power grid - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Compressed air - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Access roads - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Cladding - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Framework - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Roof - Building - Moulding GP 1
  • Floor - Building - Moulding GP 1


How to manage requests and maintenance interventions?

Once your buildings have been created, any user with a production profile will be able to request interventions to a technical manager or maintenance manager using Mobility Work CMMS software, and send them a notification through the app or via email.

The manager can decide whether he will carry out or not this operation, and eventually archive it (the requestor will be automatically notified), or assign it to an internal maintenance technician or service provider.

Integrating QR codes or NFC chips will allow any user to quickly find the piece of equipment on his smartphone.


Add your documents

Mobility Work CMMS also allows you to add all your documents to your buildings (plans, electrical schemes, technical documents, etc.) on the equipment page, and therefore to centralize all the information.

You will also be able to add any service providing quotation or reports in PDF to the interventions. Find the documents your are looking for in a few seconds using the CMMS search bar.


Manage your regulatory maintenance plans

Create calendar regulatory maintenance plans (first aid fire hose reels controls) from a counter value or a connected sensor using Mobility Work’s APIs. You will be able to monitor preventive maintenance on your buildings, and be notified in case of delay of a scheduled intervention.


Search and grade your external service providers

You can add service providers at any time and grade their interventions. They will only have access to what you allowed. Once the intervention is done, you will be able to grade them according to the following criteria: costs, safety, quality and deadlines. At any time, visualize their reports and compare them.

Mobility Work CMMS software is community-based, and provides you with a list of service providers hired by other companies so that you can access all the providers able to intervene on self-closing doors in the determined area.


Analyze your data

Use the Mobility Work’s maintenance app analytics tool to monitor and analyze at any time interventions on your buildings, which provides you with dynamic indicators and will allow you to take the best decision.

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