How to manage my maintenance calendar in my CMMS?

An efficient maintenance management requires an optimized and user-friendly maintenance operations schedule for the technicians. CMMS softwares often have an outdated design and interfaces, which do not allow maintenance technicians to work efficiently.

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That is the reason why Mobility Work provides technicians with two forms of display to follow their operations:

  • quick display on the homepage of late and forthcoming interventions within seven days;
  • full schedule display using the Calendar feature.

Mobility Work’s Calendar feature enables maintenance technicians to see late tasks (red), scheduled tasks (yellow), recurring tasks from a maintenance plan (blue) and finished tasks (green). Each task shows the intervention description, the piece of equipment, keywords (preventive, mechanical, curative, safety, etc.), and the technicians implied. Any technician can open the intervention at any time, and edit it. It is also possible to see your daily, weekly, or yearly schedule.

The maintenance manager can have access to the maintenance calendar of several technicians at the same time, and use keywords such as “preventive” to filter late tasks. The maintenance manager also has access to his team’s calendar using his group of users, in order to see the forthcoming interventions for his mechanicians for example. To reschedule a task, drag it to the new date. If this task is part of a maintenance plan, he will be able to reschedule the selected task only or to reschedule all the following tasks.

The calendar also allows to see scheduled operations for service providers, maintenance contracts or regulatory interventions. The maintenance manager can also connect his agenda to any other agenda system using APIs in order to gather all the information from the CMMS or any other system.

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Each piece of equipment owns its own calendar, which enables you to see at a glance all the on-going, finished, late or scheduled maintenance operations per day, week or year. Just like the technicians, the maintenance manager can reschedule a maintenance operation at any time by dragging the task to another day. He can also filter operations, and assign some criteria such as the task situation, employees implied, etc. It is also possible to transfer information from sensors or external systems to the equipment page’s calendar using Mobility Work’s APIs.