QR Code for asset or inventory management


QR Code Management for Asset / Inventory Management - Mobile CMMS

New technologies are a growing part of our everyday lives, from the QR code on the food we eat to the NFC chips in the anti-theft devices attached to the clothes we buy. And all of these elements will need to be integrated into your factory's CMMS project.

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Thanks to its iOS and Android mobile applications, the Mobility Work CMMS will allow you to scan these items and activate events automatically. You can, for example:

  • Automatically activate maintenance tasks: scanning the NFC chip or the QR code will take you to the work order creation screen which, by default, will be precompleted with the details of the equipment, the engineer and the maintenance date.
  • Quickly identify your equipment: the equipment form will be displayed as soon as you scan the chip. This function is useful for new or temporary maintenance engineers who may not be familiar with your equipment.
  • Identify a spare part, so that an engineer can immediately see the number of parts in stock, the location in the warehouse, and the various pieces of equipment on which the spare part has been fitted previously.
  • Access the history for a piece of equipment: by scanning the NFC chip or QR code, an engineer can immediately access a machine's maintenance history. With its integrated search function, Mobility Work also offers the option to search for a specific fault in the history of a machine requiring maintenance.
  • Access a maintenance procedure or a technical document: by scanning the NFC chip or the QR code, an engineer can immediately access the relevant maintenance procedure for a piece of equipment, or a technical document outlining the steps to follow for a particular operation.

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To use these technologies, it is simply a matter of selecting the NFC or QR code option in your Mobility Work mobile CMMS. To activate the QR code, all you need to do is print it and stick it to the relevant piece of equipment. For NFC chips, simply stick the chip to your phone as you carry out the configuration process and then attach it to your equipment.

These technologies make it much easier to enter maintenance tasks and consult various pieces of information using very basic functions widely available on smartphones. They are also inexpensive and can be quickly installed on a range of equipment without the worry of prohibitive costs.

Finally, it is also important to consider the environment in which your maintenance teams need to operate. For dusty or dirty environments, we recommend using NFC chips, but QR codes are a better option in other types of areas, as they are easy to use and lower in cost.

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