CMMS: How to create a piece of equipment?

CMMS Software: How to register a piece of equipment?

It may sometimes be quite difficult to register a piece of equipment in traditional CMMS software, but with Mobility Work, there is nothing easier: 2 minutes are enough!

There are several ways to add a new piece of equipment:

  • Using the “add a piece of equipment” feature in the app: we used our own experience in CMMS implementation to imagine a new way to create machines in order to avoid potential failures. First, we decided to keep only a few fields in order to centralize the main information:

    • The picture
    • The name of the machine (see “How to name your equipment”)
    • The description, which gathers all the equipment’s information (see “Which information should I provide in my equipment page?”)
    • A cost center, which represents a geographical or financial area of your equipment. The cost center usually corresponds to the financial subdivision available in your ERP.
    • Tags, in order to class several equipment in a group; for example, you can tag all your lifting devices, or all the equipment from line 12.
    • Link your equipment: you can link your equipment in order to ease the nomenclature and to create a structure between your machines;
    • Edit the privacy settings of your equipment: you can choose not to share your information with anybody, or to share them with other plants of your company or with the community. You data belong to you, and none of your information, such as your company’s name, the cost center or your co-workers’ name can be seen on the equipment page. Try out by yourself: it is impossible to figure out the name of the owner of a public machine due to the high number of equipment available within the community.
    • Mark this equipment as a spare part, and include the quantity available, location, minimum and maximum stock, as well as the unit price. You can also connect your spare parts with your ERP to obtain these information automatically;
    • Add customized fields at any time, which will only be visible by your plant, and automatically paste information from any other system (sensors, ERP, production systems, etc;) using Mobility Work’s APIs.


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Duplicate your equipment after the community’s equipment

The idea is simple: Mobility Work is a maintenance social network which allows you to access anonymous information from a public equipment database. Why would you create a machine if it has already been created for you? There is nothing easier: search your piece of equipment in your Mobility Work CMMS, and find its page. If the information matches what you are looking for, just click on “duplicate” and save them automatically (name and description). You may also edit quickly the duplicated information and improve your piece of equipment’s information, adding a picture, a cost center, tags, links to other equipment, and set it as private or public.

Duplicate your equipment using the official manufacturer’s catalog

We believe that it is not the user’s role to enter information into the CMMS: that is the reason why we allow each manufacturer and equipment supplier to upload their equipment catalog. The goal is to allow you to find your equipment in a few minutes, with a complete description, documents, spare parts, maintenance plans, manufacturer’s ranges, and to be informed in case of obsolescence or any modification related to the equipment (new manufacturing documents, etc.).


Mobility Work CMMS allows operators and technicians to be autonomous: task creation, maintenance plans, notifications for every new activity…

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Duplicate your equipment or your spare parts from e-commerce websites

Product descriptions are very easy to find on e-commerce websites: Mobility Work CMMS enables you to benefit from online catalogs provided by e-commerce websites and to easily duplicate content.

Import your equipment or spare parts from an existing database or an Excel file

The Mobility Work team offers you to import your data for free, extracted from your former CMMS (Excel file or database) into the app in order to gain time and to access quicker your Mobility Work maintenance software.  

How to optimize my equipment name?  

It is not always easy to determine the name of your equipment in your CMMS. Here are a few tips which will enable you to optimize this process: for example, an LS 71 Leroy Sommer traveling motor mounted on a 16T OMIS crane N°161 in your plant’s melting department. The name could be “Leroy Somer LS71 engine – translation – Omis 16 tons crane – N°161 – melting dpt”, so that if you search the following words: "engine 161 crane", or "translation engine OMIS 161 crane", you should be able to find quickly your piece of equipment.

Names in your CMMS are usually based on this model: “type - brand - model - location (if it is a spare part) - number - geographical area, or production line”. This works just like a nomenclature, but with keywords. For example, you can also determine the time spent on all the equipment with the “engine” or “melting” keywords. You can also add tags with a number on each equipment using an NFC tag and/or a QR code/barcode in order to easily identify your equipment.


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Which information should I provide in my equipment page?

You can add all type of information in the description: type of element, type of contract, serial number, etc. The main issue with current maintenance softwares is that more than 150 fields are required to provide all the information, but all these machines do not have the same characteristics. This information overload usually is an obstacle for the team in charge of implementing the CMMS. That is why Mobility Work is inspired by famous browsers: add the information and keywords of the description, and easily find your equipment using the search bar. You can also collect information using a photo of a data plate (97% success rate).

Finally, geolocate your equipment using GPS coordinates, so that your team members or service providers will be able to localize your equipment directly from the Google Maps mobile app.

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