How to search fro a piece of equipment in my CMMS?

CMMS Software - How to search for a spare part?

According to maintenance technicians, it is of critical importance to be able to easily access data using the CMMS search feature. Unfortunately, basic CMMS software is often very different from our daily life applications.

That is why CMMS Mobility Work is focused on user experience and offers an easy and efficient research feature: find a spare part or a piece of equipment using its name, description or keywords. Easy data entry and destructuring enable you to search using a few keywords and avoiding tree structure. If you are looking for a traveling motor for your loading bridge from your company’s melting department, just enter the following keywords: “traveling motor loading bridge melting”, and access directly to your piece of equipment. This approach is very different from other CMMS, which will make you go through the “melting” node, then “loading bridge”, “traveling” and finally, “motor”. Mobility Work is a lot quicker and offers similar results. Once your request has been processed, there are four different categories:

  • Equipment: these are the results linked to your own equipment;
  • All equipment: these are the results of the Mobility Work community and industrial groups;
  • Official equipment: this category allows you to find technical documents or official catalogs updated by the manufacturers themselves;
  • Non-official equipment: in case of failure, this category enables you to find your missing spare part throughout a 60-million pieces catalog.


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You can also refine your search using the following filters:

  • All equipment;
  • Equipment without recurring task, which will enable you to obtain a list of equipment without any maintenance plan;
  • Equipment with a recurring task, which will enable you to obtain a list of equipment with a maintenance plan;
  • Equipment on which a particular technician worked;
  • Equipment with a particular cost center;
  • Equipment with a particular tag (under pressure machine, asbestos, etc.);
  • List of equipment on which a maintenance intervention has been carried out between two dates;
  • Filter spare parts only;
  • List of spare parts according to a specific location, maximum or minimum quantity, maximum or minimum price;
  • List of spare parts, whose stock is less than the minimum amount.

You may extract your data at any time from Mobility Work and download the equipment list in PDF, XLS and CSV.

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