How to manage my maintenance service providers in my CMMS?

Managing maintenance service providers is something that maintenance managers do every day, and CMMS software can facilitate it. In fact, more and more maintenance services, covering anything from routine tasks to industrial processes, the associated equipment and even entire buildings, are being outsourced. These kinds of services might involve preventive or corrective maintenance work, but may also include tasks required for regulatory inspections.

As a result, many of today's maintenance managers have a tough problem to face, in the shape of managing a range of different service providers and their activities, given the huge number of service companies they may need to deal with. Keeping track of the operations carried out by service providers, rating their performance, comparing their work in conjunction with other maintenance managers, and storing the relevant maintenance documents, can often be difficult to put into practice.

Mobility Work CMMS is designed to help maintenance managers keep better track of their service providers and share their experiences by taking advantage of a unique online maintenance community. With its special service provider management feature, the Mobility Work application helps maintenance managers do their jobs much more effectively. To access this function, simply click on the 'Search' tab.

What details will I need to add a new company?

The company details form in the Mobility Work CMMS contains a number of different fields:

  • Company name
  • Company email
  • Company registration number
  • Company address
  • Company postcode
  • Company town
  • Company country
  • Company telephone number
  • Company fax number
  • Company description
  • Company logo

Once you have completed all of the above fields, simply click on the 'Create' button to add the company to the list in your own CMMS as well as to the Mobility Work maintenance community's directory. You can also edit the details for a particular company at any time.

The details of any company you add will be accessible to all Mobility Work CMMS users. You can also duplicate a service provider's official form or company details form added by another member of the community.


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What details will I need to add a contact to a company I have just created?

The contact form in the Mobility Work CMMS contains a number of different fields:

  • Service provider's first name
  • Service provider's last name
  • Service provider's email
  • Service provider's country
  • Service provider's telephone number
  • Service provider's mobile number
  • Service provider's address
  • Description of service provider
  • Photo of service provider

How do I add a new service provider to my Mobility Work CMMS?

You can add a new service provider to your CMMS at any time and then keep track of any maintenance work carried out. To do this, simply create a new user and link it to the 'service provider' profile. The service provider profile can access its members' activities and create new activities for the tasks it has been assigned. This profile offers restricted access to certain data stored in your Mobility Work CMMS, based on the details you have authorized it to display. Once you have created a new service provider, you can add it to the list of company members.

How do I keep track of my service provider's activity in the CMMS?

You can view the details of all tasks carried out by a service provider in the 'Completed tasks' tab. Here you will find a description of each task, the name of the equipment, the date on which the work was carried out and the amount of time spent. You can then rate the maintenance service based on a defined set of criteria (cost, quality, security and time frame) and add a comment. This will give each service provider an average rating, which will be displayed on the company form for any member of the Mobility Work maintenance community to view. No one outside your company will be able to access the specific details of the activity, such as the name of the equipment or the description of the work.

How can I view a service provider's details in the community?

You can search for a service provider at any time using the Mobility Work CMMS' search function. You can find a service provider by entering the name of a company or a description, or by searching for companies whose maintenance histories include a particular type of machine. For instance, to find a service provider outside your network that has carried out work on a compressor, all you need to do is search for the keyword 'compressor' in your Mobility Work CMMS.

What are the advantages of using the Mobility Work CMMS for managing service providers?

You will see various measurable benefits as soon as you start using the software for managing your maintenance projects:

  • Traceability and control over service provider operations
  • Ability to save and archive details of the work carried out by service providers
  • Accessibility of service provider information for all personnel within your company
  • Ability to rate service providers and compare them internally, as well as in conjunction with the Mobility Work maintenance community
  • Closer monitoring of maintenance contracts and more effective management of equipment under warranty
  • Option to search for service providers within the community working on similar machines to your own

How much does it cost for each service provider user that I add to my Mobility Work CMMS?

It costs nothing to add a service provider profile to your Mobility Work CMMS – you can add as many service providers as you wish free of charge.

What type of maintenance work carried out by my service providers can I track in my Mobility Work CMMS?

You can track any type of maintenance work carried out by your service providers in the Mobility Work CMMS:

  • Scheduled shutdowns
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Overhauls
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Regulations management, etc.


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What type of service provider will I be able to find in the Mobility Work community?

You will find a whole range of service providers in the Mobility Work maintenance community's directory. Here are just a few examples of the types of companies listed:

  • Industrial maintenance
  • Industrial equipment repairs
  • Metal work
  • General mechanical engineering – custom work
  • Industrial pipework
  • Steels and metals – machining
  • Cleaning services
  • Heavy steel structures
  • Automation – facilities and equipment
  • Electrical works
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial heating – facilities and equipment
  • Tubes and pipes – non-ferrous metals
  • Light steel structures
  • Engineering – industrial assemblies
  • Electrical systems
  • Engineering – industrial design
  • Tool machines – metal machining
  • Industrial relocation
  • Electric motors and parts

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