09 2012
  • Purchase of a classic CMMS software for an industrial group

  • classic CMMS softwareKey observations from the industrial group: CMMS software is hard to implement, costly and provide low added value. Nowadays there are many everyday apps aiming at making our life easier (to book a train ticket for example). However, users are still challenged with complex software products in their professional lives.
  • September 2012

05 2014
  • First brainstorming on Mobility Work

  • BrainstormingMobility Work was first meant to be a maintenance monitoring mobile tool. But very soon an innovative idea was born: creating the first maintenance social network. Technicians from all around the world service the same machines and face the same technical issues. We want to connect them anonymously and let them share expertise, information and spare parts.
  • May 2014

04 2015
  • First line of code

  • Development CMMS SoftwareEager to experiment,the Mobility Work team developed a MVP version (Minimum Viable Product Version) with a few basic features.
  • April 2015

06 2015
  • First factory equipped with Mobility Work

  • First factory equippedLaunch of the first tests in our pilot company:all pieces of equipment were registered within two days. No training was required for maintenance technicians. The product became viral,and users even logged in after work from their homes!
  • June 2015

09 2015
  • First industrial group equipped with Mobility Work

  • First industrial group equippedAn industrial group,which has been trying to implement a classic CMMS solution for a year,believed in us and accepted to try Mobility Work. The product was deployed within 3 months. Every single piece of equipment of the industrial group was registered in the tool. All the group's maintenance technicians used it and were satisfied with the features. The community started growing, and users started sharing information on their equipment.
  • September 2015

01 2016
  • Mobility Work participated in the CES 2016 in Las Vegas

  • CES 2016 Las VegasAs part of the French Tech, Mobility Works participated in the CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Many industrials who we met there were convinced by the concept so we decided to publicly launch the application.
  • January 2016

05 2016
  • Official beginning of Mobility Work and public launch of the mobile app

  • Official beginningOfficial launch of Mobility Work. The product is adopted by it first clients who were eagerly waiting for it.
  • May 2016

09 2016
  • 29 000 machines registered

  • 29000 machinesQuick development of the product, with weakly updates as requested by users.
  • September 2016

10 2016
  • 100 000 machines registered

  • 100000 machinesA new stage is reached with 100 000 machines registered in the platform. Mobility Work is now used by many industrial groups and the community keeps growing.
  • October 2016

09 2017
  • 200 000 equipment registered on the platform

  • 200000 machinesDue to the enthusiasm of the technicians, the number of registered equipment doubled in less than a year!
  • September 2017

10 2017
  • 2 million hours of maintenance interventions registered on the platform

  • 2 million hours of maintenanceThe app reaches two million hours of maintenance, which confirms the technicians' interest in our new gen CMMS.
  • October 2017