How to Beat Machine Failures With Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance: examples and definition

Today, predictive maintenance has already become an essential tool for many industries in fault detection during early stages and thus reducing production stops. Applying sensor technology, PdM monitors the condition and performance of equipment during its normal operation. Thanks to advanced predictive analytics and failure patterns, maintenance professionals are able to determine where any problems or failures are most likely to occur.

An effective all-round maintenance program is of essential importance for the efficiency of lean manufacturing, increased productivity, improved quality, safety and reliability.

What is A Quality Maintenance Program?

A quality maintenance program is an effective maintenance program, which impacts positively any area of the company. The main purpose of a well-designed and managed reliability program is to ensure that all equipment needed for production runs at 100%. A quality maintenance program should result in reduced equipment downtime, less maintenance work and lower spare parts inventory.

To reap all possible benefits from your maintenance program and generate the desired results, all routines and planned activities should be up-to-date. Besides preventive maintenance and if possible PdM plans, a quality maintenance program should include basic short daily inspections as cleaning, lubrication and minor adjustments. All these actions should be detected and corrected by the machine operator before they turn into a major problem and close a production line. Autonomous maintenance and TPM are the solid base of any effective quality maintenance strategy

Implementing predictive maintenance in your maintenance program is a step toward Industry 4.0 and IoT. To many business owners the adoption of such a strategy might seem very expensive but the benefits of it and the gained competitive advantage are finally by far outweighing the cost.

predictive maintenance examples PdM

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How Does Predictive Maintenance Guarantee Reliability?

Many managers and maintenance professionals might have a rough estimation of how long their assets and equipment would last, but finally no one can be really confident in that estimate. As part of modern computing and information technology, many critical machines are equipped with sensors to prevent potential failures. Based on this data, the cause of a failure can be analyzed and models calculating asset health scores and predicting life spans can be established. All this results in easier identification and optimized management of risks that could lead to a failure or production stop.

Reliability programs are of biggest importance to most critical equipment, where unplanned downtime has a major impact on production and repair costs are high. The collection and analyses of key data can avoid huge financial losses and ensure that if needed maintenance is performed at the optimum times.

Managing the data from the past is the biggest advantage but as well the biggest challenge for reliability. Failure can be analyzed, modelled and maybe predicted but all this without taking into account other company’s important data leading to users or work environment restrictions.

To really understand what and how has led to a machine failure; you will need a next-gen CMMS. The next-gen SaaS software Mobility Work was especially designed to ease the implementation of latest maintenance routines and help you reap the benefits of your PdM strategy.

Predictive Maintenance Success Depends on a Next-Gen CMMS

A smart computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) collects, stores and analyzes all possible company data from ERPs, sensors and inventories (including data, history and trends) to help you prepare accomplished analyzes. By providing a detailed comparison of historical factors affecting equipment performance, managers can recommend actions to improve maintenance strategy for certain pieces of equipment. Furthermore, a next-gen CMMS as Mobility Work can even integrate the notion of “predictive”, or forecasting, into the supply chain.

predictive maintenance examples PdM

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The main idea of smart maintenance is to use every means, including embedded software and remote technologies, to monitor equipment performance. Only a next-gen CMMS can fit into this concept and deliver the desired results. An easy connectivity to all company’s systems, a mobile version, a possibility to receive notifications and alerts are some of the most important features of a smart CMMS.

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How to Analyze Maintenance Data in My CMMS?

How to Connect My ERP to My CMMS?

After being neglected for centuries, maintenance has been finally praised for its undoubted performance for equipment reliability. In today’s industrial world, every company is focused on results and the cost of downtime has a significant impact on profitability. Machine wear is a serious problem, resulting in products of unacceptable quality.

Implementing innovative maintenance approaches and turning maintenance into a smart service and asset management system can reduce downtime and predict the quality of the final products by closely monitoring equipment performance and machine wear.

Mobility Work is a next-gen CMMS offering a simple, but extremely powerful analytics tool. This is a versatile solution that can easily adapt to the maintenance needs of organizations of any size and any industrial background. The maintenance software is your right partner to establish and sustain an effective predictive maintenance program.

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