CMMS new features: mobile update and new analytical table

Each month, find on our blog a summary of the new features available on Mobility Work CMMS. This month, we invite you to discover the update of your mobile CMMS as well as the arrival of a new dashboard: the one allowing you to follow the flow of your spare parts!

You can also watch this video about our updates (English subtitles available)!

Gain flexibility in the field thanks to the mobile update

As we previously announced on our blog, the update of the mobile CMMS has resulted in many improvements. The ergonomics of the interface has been improved, and several new features are now available.

Find your suppliers in your mobile CMMS

Mobility Work gives the possibility to put maintenance professionals in touch with industrial manufacturers and suppliers. The catalogs of our partner suppliers were already available on the web version of the CMMS, they are now also on mobile!

mobile industrial marketplace

Use the Search tab to find references, which will appear under your network and maintenance community results. If you are looking for a particular product, simply type in the keywords that can be associated with it ("motor oil", etc.).

When you click on a product, you access a whole list of information relating to the chosen reference (name, reference, documentation, supplier contact information...).

Choose in one click the action to be carried out in your mobile CMMS

As soon as you scan a QR code, a multiple choice pop-up appears on your screen. You can then, in a second, choose to:

  • Create a task
  • Register a piece of equipment
  • View current Tasks
  • View completed tasks
  • See the piece of equipment’s calendar
  • View related documents
  • View equipment-related documents
  • See the list of associated counters

mobile CMMS QR code

Mass counter reading

Thanks to this new feature, you can save time during your daily rounds. Reading your meters can be done in a few seconds: from the Multi-counter readings tab of your mobile CMMS, scan the QR code of the counter you are interested in, or click on "+" to select a piece of equipment manually.

mobile cmms counter readings

On the Counters page that opens, select the one you are interested in and enter the reading. You can also add several counters to the same piece of equipment by clicking on "+ counter". Once you have entered your readings, click on "+ add counter value" and repeat this operation as many times as necessary.

Once you’re done with the counters readings, click on "Generate tasks". Simply enter the information you need in the task and activity creation forms that appear: this information will be replicated for all of the values recorded. As soon as you have validated the operation, the created tasks will automatically appear on your newsfeed. 

maintenance activities CMMS

Discover the dark mode of your mobile CMMS application

One of the latest updates to the mobile application is the arrival of the dark mode, which allows you to gain readability if you work a night shift, and which is in any case less energy consuming.

To activate it, simply open the left menu of your tool and click on "User profile". There, a slider allows you to activate the dark mode.

dark mode CMMS

Analyze your spare parts flow in the CMMS

You may have already noticed that a new analytical table has arrived in your CMMS (web version).

Once in the Dashboard menu of your CMMS, simply click on the "Spare Parts" tab at the top of the screen. Thanks to it, you can follow the incoming and outgoing flows of your spare parts according to different criteria (date range, cost center, operator, equipment...).

Quickly login to your CMMS to take advantage of these new features, and don't forget to update your mobile application (Android and iOS) to benefit from the latest features!

Watch the video presentation

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