Industry 4.0 CMMS: Future Maintenance Is Happening Now

Next-Gen Maintenance in the Context of Industry 4.0 and IoT

Industry 4.0 encompasses the latest industrial revolution, using AI artificial intelligence to irreversibly change the way machines collect and interpret data. And if for some industries latest digital trends are still somewhere in the abstract feature, manufacturing plants are about to experience their ever biggest transformation. Smart factories, run by lean manufacturing strategies, where humans and robots can fluently communicate, are equipped with latest machinery and tools to provide better decisions, improved solutions and greater customer support.

Machines are at the heart of the modern factory and in order to perform accordingly they require smart maintenance programs. Mobile CMMS stores and analyzes data, gathered by sensors to issue predictive algorithms. Well-trained workforce creates predictive maintenance schedules and optimizes production cycle. This is the right place to mention the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which plays a crucial role in this process and connects machines with machines and machines with humans. Predictive maintenance detects defaults ahead of time so maintenance professionals can take the necessary action and ensure no problem occurs at all.

The digitalization of the manufacturing world with the above-mentioned technologies such as condition-monitoring data and smart sensors is about to affect all organizational levels, from design and manufacturing to purchasing and maintenance.

And all this would be impossible without a modern, next-gen Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

What Is an Industry 4.0 CMMS?

A next-gen maintenance solution should bring a digital transformation to the plant and should feature a user-friendly interface so each team member is eager to work with it. Mobile CMMS can be easily integrated in the context of the IoT, cloud and cognitive computing to become an indispensable part of the smart factory. It should connect and transmit information between company’s departments but also between sensors, devices and systems. With the collected data the next-gen maintenance solution should be able to issue powerful analyses to support professionals in critical decision making and problem solving.

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An industry 4.0 inspired CMMS is considered an innovative tool which main target is to thrive productivity using latest digital concepts. The modern solution eases and supports the automated and continuous way of data collection by sensors by Bluetooth or RFID and with minimal human interference to help professionals to create a valuable predictive maintenance plan.

Solutions as Mobility Work go even further and offer their users a shared online maintenance community. The Maintenance Management Platform connects machines and consumable manufacturers with other industrial players (managers, maintenance technicians, production managers, etc.) to exchange information about industrial equipment.

The purpose of Mobility Work is to establish a win-win exchange between maintenance professionals and machine manufacturers and to optimize information availability by providing all the actors with an access to the same communication channel.

Predictive Maintenance Is Playing a Key Role in Industry 4.0

The main benefit of predictive maintenance is to minimize unscheduled maintenance or breakdowns based on equipment sensor data about vibration, lubrication, noise, bearing temperatures. When properly evaluated within the CMMS and analyzed in the context of all other available equipment data as intervention history and spare parts management information, these measurements can predict when components will fail or need repair or replacement.

If you want to learn more on how to successfully integrate your predictive maintenance program into your CMMS, consult the following articles:

Predictive Maintenance,  CMMS and Sensors Combined (IoT)

The adoption of a modern CMMS that can be easily connected to all other running company’s systems as ERPs is the first and most significant step that organizations can undertake to follow the pathway leading to industry 4.0. The real-time monitoring of machine performance and the combined potential of IoT and Big Data can result in significant savings.

The adoption of connected devices automation and IIoT (the application of IoT to manufacture) is rapidly growing. Many industries are about to experience significant improvements in security, efficiency and profitability and this trend will continue.

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Benefits Of an Maintenance 4.0 CMMS at a Glance

Mobility Work manages your equipment maintenance and helps you schedule servicing, replacement and repair work before any malfunctions occur. This gives the team the opportunity to plan maintenance interventions in advance and schedule them for the most appropriate time, without interrupting the production cycle. The most important advantages of a next-gen CMMS are:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Ensuring quality
  • Improving safety
  • Optimizing equipment’s performance
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Reducing asset downtime and asset failure
  • Improving the organization’s communication flow
  • Improving man and machine collaboration
  • Promoting proactive and not reactive way of work
  • Enhancing supply chain planning
  • Prolonging equipment life cycle and thus increasing the economic return of all types of assets.

However, the move to an industry 4.0 factory doesn’t happen overnight and requires the overcome of some challenges with regards to IoT security, gaining insights for the predictive maintenance process and training the team into lean manufacturing and lean maintenance routines. A next-gen CMMS can facilitate your company’s transition and encourage you to modernize your maintenance routines. The capability to optimize your company’s performance through data collection, analysis, monitoring and action across several systems will immediately bring you a step closer to the industry 4.0 approach and will result in clear gains.

Mobility Work will easily bring you to the next level of digitalization - IoT and Big Data by improving the accuracy of your predictive maintenance process. And finally this is also the goal of any digital transformation: creating and adopting an innovative smart solution, improving organizational overall performance through information efficiency and analytical features.

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