UX Series 5: Mobility Work at FMGC

CMMS: "We are doing more than just maintenance"

Anthony Leparoux is an automation and electrical technician and a user of Mobility Work CMMS, MES manager, and in charge of technology watch in the foundry FMGC, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, the leading grey cast iron counterweights manufacturer in Europe. Being an early adopter of the next gen maintenance management platform Mobility Work, he kindly agreed to talk about our solution.

Mobility Work: For how long have you been using Mobility Work CMMS and what were your first impressions?

Anthony Leparoux: The product was born in our office, that is how we witnessed the creation and implementation of Mobility Work. We were immediately convinced by its simplicity, user-friendliness, the simplified data entry and search bar: Mobility Work was a pioneering and innovative CMMS tool. It has been implemented in our company since its creation, and is working perfectly. Everyone is using it: Mobility Work is now a major software in our plant, for the maintenance service as well as for the production department, or even the purchasing management. We are doing more than just maintenance with Mobility Work.

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How does Mobility Work benefit your work?

Basically, Mobility Work is the perfect lovechild of Facebook and Craiglist: that is why we call it “the Facebook of maintenance”. The app includes a search bar, just like browsers, which allows to quickly find the right equipment and activities. Mobility Work’s main advantage is user-friendliness. Social networks are completely part of our daily life.

What are your future plans about Mobility Work CMMS?

For now, we are mainly working on an ad hoc basis, and are asking for Mobility Work’s assistance whenever we are in need of new features. One of our main projects is related to checklist: we are still using paperwork during inspections, and when the checklists are available in Mobility Work, we will be able to assign them directly to a task, from a smartphone, tablet or other. Once the task has been completed, the user will be able to check it, and to enter it directly into Mobility Work, which enables to avoid exchanging Excel files, adding information afterwards, mistakes ...

Which feature, which is not available yet, would you like to see developed first on Mobility Work CMMS ?

First checklists, and then, we should start implementing in our plant a feature which is already available on Mobility Work, which enables to connect equipment data: the plant being automated, for example, the MES gathers a certain amount of production data, equipment data. I wish I could send data from operating counters which will trigger alarms, such as checking the engine, check the oil level … all of this from machine counters. Our plant is automated, and we are sharing a lot of information, that is why this improvement would be very useful for us.

Checklists are available in Mobility Work since early 2019!

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During the time you have been using Mobility Work, did you encounter proper service support?

The team is responsive regarding the creation of new features or needs, and is attentive to problems and bugs. We are in frequent contact, by phone calls or Intercom.

Thanks to Mr Leparoux for delivering his testimony: user feedbacks are at the heart of our approach, and are helping us improve our product on a daily basis. 

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