CMMS Software : Computerized maintenance management system

Leveraging all the available and relevant technologies, Mobility Work CMMS provides technicians and experts with a smart, user-friendly and mobile next gen tool in order to improve their equipment maintenance and their plant’s overall production performance.

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A different CMMS
To manage your maintenance team

Mobile, just as you are

We are all more and more connected and increasingly using simple and mobile apps in our everyday lives. However, companies still have to use very constraining and user-unfriendly systems, that are not available on smartphones nor offline and with very low added value. Mobility Work is accessible from any device, and does not require any training. It enables you to benefit from many mobile features, including geolocation, NFC chips or QC codes authentication, voice control intervention input, documents attachment (photos, videos, audios, pdf, etc.)


cmms mobile software android iphone
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Data-Driven oriented

Future equipment and maintenance analysis will consist in crossing data, forecasting models and machine learning. Big Data will have a massive impact on decision-making processes and on maintenance service management. Mobility Work  offers a simple and extremely powerful analytics tool. At a time when everyone speaks about predictive maintenance, we propose an exclusive offer. Indeed, our previsions exceed the scope of your own machines as they are based on data collected from thousands of anonymous users and professionals working on the same equipment.



Tomorrow, companies will have to be more and more collaborative, increasingly sharing through internal and external communities... And so it will be for maintenance! Very Often, technicians working in different plants belonging to a same industrial group happen to work with the same equipment or spare parts without knowing it. Mobility Work provides them with a platform to share good practices, spare parts, opinions on suppliers : It is the future of the industry! Our social network also offers the opportunity to tchat anonymously with the community’s users who encounter the same problems.


CMMS Maintenance Management Software

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35$ User / month
Billed annually

or $40 User / month billed monthly


35$ User / month
Billed annually

or $40 User / month billed monthly





Benefits of
Mobility Work CMMS

Identify bottlenecks, tag your machines and improve the prevention of failures on your key equipment
The newsfeed and the notification system will inform every member of the staff in real-time of the new failures detected and of the interventions triggered by the production. The history of interventions will allow you to detect a similar failure on your equipment or on one of the community member's. At last, planning the operations will help you optimize teams and equipment management and will reduce production downtime.

Arret production GMAO

Spare parts management is crucial to every maintenance services
Location, quantity, minimum/maximum value, alerts, automatic nomenclature when outputting parts, restocking, real-time inventory valuation, etc. All of these features included in our asset management software and will help you optimize your stocks management. Interfaceable in writing or reading with your ERP, Mobility Work can collect a number of information automatically and enrich your equipment and spare parts files with photos, documents and intervention reports.

Gestion pièces de rechange GMAO

To make the best decision, the technicians, maintenance manager, and production manager must have access to real-time information
Mobility Work offers features such as the search bar, newsfeed, notification system, or big data real-time analysis to fulfill this need, and optimize management and diffusion of your information. Your data are at the center of your decision-making process, and we take the best out of them for you.

Information de maintenance en temps réels

Plan your maintenance interventions easily thanks to the maintenance plan functionnality
Schedule the period, add an intervenant or a group of maintenance technicians, tag your operations, integrate your maintenance task and slide your operation from your maintenance calendar. Thanks to an API, Mobility Work offers you the possibility to trigger maintenance operations from a meter reading, a value measured by a sensor or your ERP.

GMAO gestion et planification interventions

Manage your budget and your maintenance capex, and make the right decision thanks to the analytic module that can intercross your maintenance data
costs of orders, stocks, and working force. Your data can come from any system (ERP, production system, etc.) and easily be combined to Mobility Work. Easily generate and export dynamic and customized reports to measure your factory or Group’s KPI.

GMAO gestion budget maintenance

Thanks to instant messaging, you can communicate easily with your plant’s different colleagues (production, safety, quality, new works, etc.) and with members of the community
Some plants of your industrial group may be equipped with the same equipment as yours : why not identify and consult them? Mobility Work’s community will give you the possibility to get in touch anonymously with users who face the same maintenance problems.

GMAO meilleure communication avec vos collaborateurs

Classic CMMS systems providers would offer to install their system directly onto your servers,and would let your IT service team manage the software
SaaS, Mobility Work maintenance system uses cloud-computing technologies,and does not require any installation or set up. Users are not required to carry out any IT management tasks. Updates are automatic and the system can be used any time and from any device (computer, mobile, tablet, glasses…). The mobile app is available at anytime from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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Asset management software can be used by any types of industries,such as metallurgy, food processing, chemistry, pharmacy, etc.
Anywhere where maintenance operations are found, either on industrial equipment or buildings (public swimming pools, large-scale distributors,etc). A specific module, dedicated to service providers, heating engineers, plumbers... is also available.

GMAO pour toutes les industries

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Mobility Work CMMS
in the services of the company

Production Service

Mobility Work can be used to optimize your production process, to send interventions requets, allowing any user to express a a need.

The asset management software also notifies the applicant (on the application or by email) of the state and progress of work requests. Mobility Work also enables production managers to follow maintenance operations, providing them with real-time information that may influence their decisions.

With the settlement of a first level maintenance, production managers can plan maintenance operations (cleaning, visual controls, etc.) using tasks or operating methods that they can easily implement thanks to the checklist feature.

La GMAO dans le service production
La GMAO au service de la sécurité

Safety Service ( CHSW )

Safety and interventions tracking are important elements in the management of industrial operations.Your organization’s functioning and its results can be badly affected by an unsafe action, a work accident or if the procedures are badly followed.

Mobility Work will help you improve decommissioning procedures and good practices’ follow-up. It will also give you the opportunity to keep track of electrical authorizations, work permit, fire permit, or prevention plans. In case of a dispute or accident or for an internal or external audit, you will be able to provide justifying trackings of the procedures and performed maintenance operations.

Tooling Service

In addition to equipment maintenance operations monitoring, you can also use Mobility Work  to follow-up the tooling management, for example production moulds. Plan your work orders, follow the interventions’ progress and justify your delays.

Tag the tooling by customer, analyze maintenance operations by client and calculate the manufacturing costs of your product thanks to our analytic tool.

GMAO service outillage
Le service achat et la GMAO

Purchasing Service

Mobility Work includes spare parts stock management. You can instantly know the state of your stocks, be notified in case of overrun of the threshold, and get a restocking proposition automatically generating orders and price requests.

Consult the quantities of spare parts by emplacement and price in euro and the state of your stocks. You are currently facing a breakdown and you urgently need a specific spare part? Ask Mobility Work’s community! You can get in touch with different users that will be able to direct you to providers, share their maintenance history or send you the spare part that you need!

Project management - Design Office

Your equipment has had a life before its settlement in your plant, and it is often hard to track the phase of integration. Mobility Work gives you the opportunity to follow every operation : time spent in the design office, services providers and internal actors, as well as all the financial data like orders from ERP or spare parts consumption.

This will enable you to gather more elements about your integration project and to attest in a few clicks the real price of each project. Your equipment’s history and its settlement phase details will be available in the equipment file.

Gestion de projet et bureau d'études
Travaux neufs et maintenance

New works Service

Manage your building’s maintenance (roof, soil, roadway, extinguisher, ventilation, automatic door, gas, heating, cladding, etc.) and plan your internal interventions as well as your provider services ones. Thanks to Mobility Work geolocation feature, you can incorporate your equipment’s GPS coordinates at any time and track it.

You can also register your maintenance contracts in order to be notified in case of a failure on one equipment under warranty.

Finance Service

Incorporate your downtimes to optimize the financial monitoring of your equipments. The reporting tools enables a quick and precise financial monitoring of equipment and tooling maintenance operations and leads to a finer accounting analysis of the organization’s activities.

Service finance
Service environnement

Environment Service

Plan regulatory controls thanks to Mobility Work calendar feature, and optimize the follow-up of the next interventions to be performed. Improve the tracking of the interventions performed by the internal staff as well as by external providers.

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