Maintenance checklists: How to manage them in my CMMS?


Maintenance checklist: How to manage it with my CMMS software ?

Maintenance checklist is key document in the daily life of the maintenance department. They allow any novice or experienced field technician (maintenance or production) to quickly access a list of operations to be performed, then to validate or not each step while guaranteeing his safety.

The follow-up, availability and updating of checklists are essential for the maintenance department, but also for the management, as they allow valuable information to be collected and later analyzed in order to make a decision. They also make it possible to improve communication between teams and departments, to guarantee the safety of the operator and the various parties involved, to obtain a written record in the event of a problem, to optimize maintenance practices through continuous monitoring,to  maintain a certification, to comply with supplier standards, etc.

Switch from paper to digital checklists in minutes

Checklists are key documents, but the choice of their format is just as important: maintenance checklist in digital format available directly in your CMMS software (computerized maintenance management system) have the advantage, unlike paper, of being accessible at any time and in any place, anywhere in the factory, which allows field technicians to be mobile, and therefore to check and validate tasks at the foot of the equipment in order to ensure optimal information restitution. Digitizing this feature has many advantages: documents are all gathered and accessible in the same place, which prevents the risk of loss or destruction and provides real-time feedback to other technicians and service managers.

Mobility Work’s mobile CMMS application (available on Android and iOS), easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface, allows you to access your checklists from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) in order to carry out inspections, establish compliance reports or perform equipment maintenance interventions: electrical lockout-tagout operations, regulatory controls, 1st level maintenance, etc. It is thus possible to check the tasks performed directly in your CMMS app, to add comments or to add pictures of the equipment’s condition to the maintenance checklist in order to document the information report.


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Adapt your checklists to your business field

All industries have their own standards and regulations to ensure operator safety, optimal efficiency and good practices. The maintenance checklist available on Mobility Work CMMS mobile app help your company to ensure the clarity and efficiency of procedures, and are easily accessible to your employees who can edit and complete them. Mobility Work provides you with the possibility to easily customize your checklists according to your business field, for example:

  • HVAC and refrigeration services: Automatically generate your preventive maintenance work orders with checklists and never miss a step.

  • Facility Management: Document your service levels, ensure that the collected data is sent to the right place and execute your preventive maintenance plans. 

Did you know? Checklists are also particularly relevant for preventive maintenance routines: carrying out simple maintenance operations, sensor readings, meters, etc. help you anticipate equipment failures. Anomalies are quickly detected before they become a more serious failure.  

  • Regulatory: Generate comprehensive checklists for corrective actions and compliance reports.

  • Audit and inspection: Create very quickly and efficiently simple or multi-page forms with rules.

Customize your checklists to make your technicians' work easier

Maintenance checklists are customizable and can be adapted to many applications and situations in the daily life of the maintenance team. You can create as many steps as necessary to separate the main sections to easily guide your technicians, but also integrate steps to limit the workflow. It is also possible to insert specific data fields while creating your checklist in order to:

  • collect data on inspection reports, maintenance calls or calibrations;

  • ask technicians and service providers to insert data to process their checklist, resulting in a detailed final report for your client;

  • collect the date and time stamps of any checklist control process;

  • take pictures before and after repairs to show that the work has been completed;

  • collect data points, such as calibrations, temperatures and pressure for an accurate report.

Tip: To quickly and easily generate a customized checklist for each intervention or equipment, use the "drag and drop" function. 

To create effective, concise and easily understandable checklists, summarize the main information in order to limit the potential risks of error.


Finally, Mobility Work CMMS’ checklists allow you to manage and monitor your technicians’ work, but also your service providers’: standardize your standards and procedures to improve them! Step-by-step checklists allow each technician or service provider to perform the same work each time. Add documentation to your checklist to help them carry out their interventions. Checklists are also very useful for production technicians when performing first-level maintenance operations. In addition, Mobility Work's "production" profiles (or intervention requesters) are free of charge!

Import all your maintenance plans and checklists into your Mobility Work CMMS for free from your Excel files. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Mobility Work’s team.

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