CMMS :5 Keys to Choose Your Software

CMMS :5 Keys to Choose Your Software

CMMS software solutions are unfortunately still often chosen according to outdated criteria, and there are several reasons to that: the complexity of the software, the installation on your own server, the extra charge due to certain operations such as customer support or data integration, etc. All these criteria lead maintenance management software decision makers to be very careful, and to provide technical specifications as well as busy schedules.

Mobility Work’s philosophy, which is very different from other asset management software editors, is to accompany you throughout your project and transition to maintenance 4.0. To do so, we implemented a very simple and efficient five-step process:

1. Free data integration in your new CMMS

All maintenance services are relying on scattered data (Excel files, former CMMS, Access, etc.), which could be integrated to their future maintenance software. These data include equipment, intervention history, spare part lists, or maintenance ranges. However, maintenance management software editors usually ask you to pay to have your data integrated to your new software.

Companies then have only 2 options left: they have to give up on their former data, or to pay for data integration. Mobility Work’s state of mind is different: we offer free data import, since we believe that the only way to make the most of your free trial period is to try the full potential of the app using your own data.

This avoids extra cost and extra implementation time for managers, who probably will want to know when will the app be fully operational, and what are the necessary resources to import data to the maintenance system.

2. No training required

The difference between a deployed maintenance software and an adopted asset management software is exclusively related to user experience. User-friendliness is a key factor, which allows to determine whether your maintenance technicians are using the software or not, as well as the quality and quantity of entered data. The main issue is that classic maintenance management software are providing outdated and user-unfriendly interfaces, while we are used to very simple and convenient apps in our daily life, but only have access to complicated software at work.


Mobility Work's mobile application supports your technicians in the field and makes their daily lives easier. 

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Our maintenance software Mobility Work was designed to offer a simplified user experience, allowing any maintenance technician to master all the features immediately using an interface inspired by apps we are using on a daily basis.

Nowadays, a company counting with 20 maintenance technicians is able to adopt Mobility Work in one workday only. Say goodbye to 50,000 euros software and one-month-long trainings!

3. Frequent updates of your maintenance management software

We all have experienced software, with a patch which needs to be installed on a software hosted on the server, and which will have to be updated by the IT team 2 months later. We also have experienced the implementation of a new feature on our maintenance management software and the frustration to pay to have it updated.

Mobility Work provides free updates every two weeks. Using feedbacks and decisions from our users regarding upcoming features, we are trying to provide the best answers to the needs of the field actors. The key advantage of SaaS apps is that they are automatically updated.

An idea for an improvement? for a precise feature? We would be glad to study your idea, and to develop it if it fits the needs of our users. Surprisingly, maintenance management is quite similar, whether you are working in a municipal swimming pool or in the metal working industry. Your maintenance issues may have already been solved by another user, or may be interesting for the whole community.

4. 24/24 support

If you are having some difficulties with your maintenance management software, or if you just want to ask a question about the optimization of your maintenance using counters for example, do not hesitate to contact our support team at anytime using our online chat.

No more hotlines, late answers or paying support service: Mobility Work’s support team can intervene at any time and help you use our app. Feedbacks are helping us to constantly improve our CMMS software. Our support service is free and accessible to all users.

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Any question? Ask our customer support team! 

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5. Our subscription is less expensive than a circuit breaker

Cost can be one of the major drawbacks for companies when deploying a new maintenance management software. Many software solutions are now priced between 50,000 and 200,000 euros, with 10,000 euros for current maintenance costs, adding also data integration service and training days for your users.

As mentioned above, the Mobility Work software enables you to integrate your data for free and to test the app for free for 7 days.

Simplicity and user-friendliness will spare you entire days of training, and will show you that your CMMS project can be operational in a few days. Mobility Work’s monthly subscription is 30€/maintenance user, and only technician and admin profiles are charged. For example, if your plant counts with 100 production technicians and 10 maintenance technicians, you will only pay 300 €/month for 10 technicians.

The subscription includes weekly updates and support. Mobility Work’s app is generally less expensive than an annual support contract sold by other maintenance management software editors.

Thanks to our CMMS, transform your maintenance quickly and easily!

You are interested in maintenance management and would like to learn more about this subject in order to increase your productivity and save costs? Let's plan a free online training with our team!

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