7-day free trial period      No credit card needed to try the app 7-day free trial period
No credit card needed to try the app


30 €/user/month
Excluding VAT
Annual billing *

  • Unlimited equipment and work orders
  • Access to history and documents
  • Spare parts management
  • Access to the community
  • Scheduling and analytics

* 35€ excluding VAT/user/month, monthly billing


55 €/user/month
Excluding VAT
Annual billing *

  • All Starter features +
  • Tag customization and groups
  • Equipment scheduler
  • Newsfeed filters
  • Unlimited scheduling and analytics
  • On-site training
  • Social Login

* 65€ excluding VAT/user/month, monthly billing


110 €/user/month
Excluding VAT
Annual billing

  • All Premium features +
  • SLA on availability
  • Phone support with dedicated CSM
  • SAML Authentication
  • Audit Trail (21CFR11 compliant)

1 network = 1 pricing plan

Features tailored to your needs

Starter Premium Ultimate

Price / user (excluding VAT)
Annual billing

30 / month

or 35€ in monthly billing

55 / month

or 65€ in monthly billing

110 / month

annual billing

General features
Unlimited equipment and work orders
Spare parts management
Mobile app (iOS and Android)
Tags on equipment and activities
Tag customization and groups
Pictures on checklists
Unlimited maintenance plans
Calendar view and user scheduler
Unlimited access to documents
Equipment scheduler
News feed
By network
News feed filters
Free Provider and Production profiles
Tags on profiles
Reporting & Analytics
Counters (manual)
Integrated analytics module
Access to history last 12 months unlimited unlimited
Weekly reports
Hourly rate
Multi-counters readings on mobile app
Chat and community
Chat and community
Search and duplication of community and supplier equipment
Automated task creation (by API) 100 tasks
200 tasks
50.000 tasks
Automated stock update (ERP or other tools) 5.000 stock values/month 30.000 stock values/month
Support for the deployment of ERP and IoT integrations 2.000€/man-days 2.000€/man-days
+ 2 days free from 50 paying licenses
Support and SLAs
Support by email and chat + phone support with dedicated CSM
On-site training 2.000€/day
+ travel costs
+ travel costs
SLA based on availability, support, bug fixes, etc.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Social Login
SAML Authentication
Audit Trail (21CFR11 compliant)

Frequently asked questions

    • To what type(s) of profile(s) do these rates apply?

        The rates displayed on this page apply to the Administrators and Technicians profiles. Provider and Intervention requesters (production) profiles are not charged. Mobility Work Hub Provider profiles are subject to rates available on quotation.
    • Can I test Mobility Work CMMS for free?

        Mobility Work CMMS is available in its free version for 7 days and gives access to the functionalities of the "Professional" plan. If you have already tested the solution in the past and would like to try it again, do not hesitate to contact us.
    • What are the additional costs?

        The implementation of Mobility Work CMMS does not require any additional costs: the integration of your data is carried out free of charge by our team.
    • My trial period is over, how do I get a paid license?

        Following your trial period, an order screen will appear; you can also send your order specifying the number of licenses, the chosen plan and the duration to [email protected], or contact your sales manager.