Discover a unique collaborative experience... for only 30€ per month!
Mobility Work is way more than a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System): it is a mobile, user-friendly and community-based Next-Gen maintenance management platform, which will help you manage easier and better your maintenance interventions and budget by relying on the power and the experience of a community of more than 10,000 maintenance technicians!

Key numbers of Mobility Work :

Manage your Maintenance SERVICE EASILY

No more hard copies or Excel files!  Register your detailed maintenance interventions-related information directly from your smartphone in a few clicks. Mobility Work does not require any set up, training or computer knowledge.

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Analyze your data and make the right decision

Improve your data analysis with our Big Data tool and cross your data easily with other systems (ERP, Temperature sensor, etc.).

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Compare your equipment's reliability

Connect with the Mobility Work's community members and get in touch anonymously with other users who work on the same equipment as yours. Enrich your experience by sharing your maintenance plans and all the best practices related to your equipment.

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Take part in the 1st maintenance community

Share information, expertise, spare parts and services, and connect with other members facing the same issues. Find the best service provider by visiting profiles and product catalogues from any manufacturer or service provider. Contact them if needed, at the most convenient time for you!

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