CMMS, a central tool for companies

Maintenance has long been seen as a secondary task with no direct link to an industrial company's activity. It was thus managed in a way that was disconnected from the actual production services. But with the new competitiveness requirements and the emergence of CMMS, it has gradually become a central tool for all companies in the industrial sector.

Today, while factories have to meet ever tighter production deadlines but also increasingly strict standards, the use of modern and efficient CMMS software is becoming increasingly essential for most companies. This is what a 4.0 CMMS solution such as Mobility Work has to offer.


CMMS, an essential tool for companies

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems is now a central tool for all companies that want to be competitive.

CMMS: how does it work?

CMMS software is a tool specially designed to help companies manage and streamline their maintenance. This type of solution appeared with the development of IT and has gradually replaced the management of maintenance "by hand" (by simple written notes) or using an Excel spreadsheet, even if many VSEs and SMEs still use this method.

They make it possible to record all intervention reports, to plan maintenance tasks, and even to develop and analyze a maintenance strategy. They generally have the following functions:

  • Equipment management (inventory, location, etc.)
  • Inventory management
  • Management of the safety of installations before maintenance interventions
  • Management of purchases of spare parts or services, and the purchasing cycle
  • Management of maintenance staff and planning
  • Cost management (labor, purchases, rental ...) 
  • Key Performance Indicators

Advantages of the CMMS

The first advantage of a CMMS solution is that it allows constant traceability of all maintenance activities. This avoids the loss of information, that are too numerous with the use of a spreadsheet, and a better communication between operators and mainteance teams.

In addition, a CMMS software makes it possible to develop a real maintenance strategy. For the company this leads to:

  • A better cost control: the planning of operations makes maintenance more efficient and therefore extends the life of the equipment, and makes it possible to anticipate and forecast future expenses;
  • A better productivity: monitoring and planning interventions in a centralized and organized way reduces machine downtime;
  • A better traceability: by facilitating intervention reports and their consultation, a CMMS software offers more transparency on their progress and better coordination of the actions of the various actors.


Mobility Work CMMS allows operators and technicians to be autonomous: task creation, maintenance plans, notifications for every new activity…

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Obstacles to the adoption of a CMMS software

Despite its many advantages, CMMS has still not been generalized to all companies, and remains particularly unknown to SMEs and VSEs. But what could be the reason for that?

The main reason can undoubtedly be found in the characteristics of the historical CMMS software. These are indeed heavy computer programs, that are difficult to use. They also involve a substantial investment, both in terms of their purchase cost and in the training of employees that they involve. This major investment dissuades many companies, especially since it involves a part of risk, for example if the software is not adapted to the needs.

This is why the emergence of next-gen CMMS solutions over the past few years has represented a major turning point in maintenance management, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

How to choose the right CMMS tool?

Having a high-performance, scalable CMMS solution adapted to the needs of your plant is crucial for the competitiveness of your company.

The stakes of choosing

The choice and adoption of a CMMS tool are crucial, because they have important consequences for the company. Indeed, a mistake in the choice of asset management software, an ill-prepared deployment or ill-defined objectives can thwart the project of optimizing plant maintenance and gaining in productivity.

It is therefore important, before choosing a CMMS software, to take the time to understand its functionalities, to compare all the existing solutions and to evaluate them with regard to the needs and objectives of the company.

Why choose a 4.0 CMMS solution?

Next-gen CMMS tools have many advantages that make them essential for companies that want to acquire an economical, agile and efficient solution.

On the one hand, these software and applications are scalable, unlike traditional tools. They are regularly being updated und constantly adapting to the evolution of the dynamic digital environment, and their lifespan is therefore not limited.

On the other hand, an application like Mobility Work is designed on the model of everyday applications. Therefore, Mobility Work CMMS is intuitive and it is very easy for the users to master its use, where traditional solutions require many hours of training.

In addition, the tool offered by Mobility Work is fully available on desktop and mobile. This means that it can be accessed from any connected device like a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Its use is thus greatly facilitated, operators being able, for example, to enter intervention reports at the very place where they take place, or to consult the necessary documents.


Mobility Work CMMS is based on a community of users who exchange and follow their plant’s activity thanks to the newsfeed

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Far from being a simple gadget, mobility makes the tool much more efficient and performing: teams are more motivated and invested thanks to this intuitive tool which makes their work both simpler and more rigorous. The analysis of the maintenance strategy, based on more precise and reliable data, enters a new dimension.

The CMMS has for many years been considered a central tool by large industrial companies. However, it remained difficult to access smaller structures until recently, due to the limitations of traditional solutions. The appearance of a next-gen CMMS solution such as Mobility Work puts an end to this state of affairs and allows all companies to acquire a powerful and accessible tool.

Mobility Work offers you a one-week free trial, in order for you to discover the maintenance application - don't wait any longer!

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