CMMS new features: Group Of Tags Analysis and Spare parts

Every month, find on our blog a summary of the new features available on Mobility Work CMMS. This month we introduce a new system for analyzing tasks by groups of tags as well as a functionality, which gives you the possibility to view your totals above the spare parts analysis table.

You can also watch this video about our updates (English subtitles available)!

Access the totals from the spare parts analysis table

The spare parts analysis table, which has been available for several weeks on the web version, does not stop improving. You can now see the following totals for spare parts:

  • Total output quantity
  • Total cost of outgoing stock
  • Total restock quantity
  • Total cost of restock

cmms analysis tags

They are very easy to consult as they appear above the spare parts analysis table. Of course, you can apply the same filters to these totals (period, cost center, worker, equipment) as to the spare parts list.

Analyze your tasks by groups of tags

Until now the analysis by tags did not allow users to distinguish the different groups of tags. In response to your expectations, our teams have developed a new version: when a group is chosen, only the tags of this group are visible in the analysis. Our users can now compare what can be compared.

Example: Group "Type of maintenance", Tags: "Corrective", "Preventive", "Improving".

To analyze by a group of tags, go to the menu of your CMMS. Select the Tags tab, then click on Group tags and on the pen icon in the Action column. Choose your group tags.

cmms analysis tags

To analyze by group of tags, go to the "Dashboard" menu of your CMMS. Select the tab Task analysis, and find the 'Top 10 labels', available in the three sub-menus "Intervention time", "Number of tasks" and "Number of activities".

cmms analysis tags

Quickly login to your cmms to take advantage of theses new features, and don't forget to update your mobile application (Android and iOS) to benefit from the latest features! 

Watch the video presentation

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