Mobile CMMS: Discover The Latest Update

New Year equals many new features on the Mobility Work mobile CMMS app! From now on you will now be able to create a task from your checklists and perform mass counter reading processes. Discover all the new features!

update mobile cmms

Read your counters thanks to mobile CMMS

The first of the new features, available to users with a Premium or Ultimate license, concerns your counters. You can now conduct mass readings and associate them with a task and an activity, by simply scanning QR codes.

To do so, open the menu on the left and click on “Multi counter measurement".

update mobile cmms

Click on "Scan your equipment" to flash the corresponding QR code. If you have not yet installed a QR code, simply select your equipment manually by clicking on "+" at the top of your screen.

A "Counter" page will then open: select the one you are interested in and enter the reading. You also have the possibility to add several counters to a single machine by clicking on "+ Counter".

update mobile cmms

As soon as you have finished your readings, click on "+ add counter value". You can repeat this operation as many times as necessary, or simply go to the next step.

How to generate associated tasks automatically?

Once you have all your readings, click on "Create Task". This will open the task creation screen, followed by the activity creation screen. Simply enter the information you need: the content will be the same for all the values recorded. Once the operation is completed, validate the creation. 

update mobile cmms

As soon as the download is complete, all the tasks you've just created will appear on your newsfeed.

Find your suppliers in your mobile CMMS

Mobility Work creates a connection netween CMMS users an industrial suppliers and manufacturers. The Supplier Catalogs used to be only available on the web version of your solution: now you can access them via the mobile version of the CMMS

You will find them thanks to the Search tab (magnifying glass pictogram), below the results of your network and community. The products appear randomly.

If you wish to find a particular reference, use the search bar at the top of the screen and type the keywords you are interested in: "motor oil", "nuts"...

update mobile cmms

When you click on a reference, its product sheet opens in your mobile CMMS and contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Reference
  • Category
  • Description
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • Documentation
  • Manufacturer reference
  • Brand
  • GTIN/EAN code
  • Supplier details (name, phone number and contact email)

update mobile cmms

Good to know: when you buy a product from one of the suppliers referenced on our platform, you can directly access its sheet in the CMMS, simply by scanning the barcode of the reference.

How to duplicate a reference from the Supplier Catalogue?

To duplicate a reference, and thus copy it into your own equipment base, you just have to click on the duplication pictogram on its sheet.

update mobile cmms

This will allow the creation of an equipment sheet that includes all the information provided by the supplier: you are free to keep it as it is or to edit it. Finish the operation by validating.

update mobile cmms

How to exchange with a provider via the chat function?

If you have a question or a particular need regarding the use of a product, you can contact the supplier through the chat function of your mobile CMMS. Simply click on the corresponding pictogram in the top right corner of the product sheet.

update mobile cmms

The mailbox will then open and you can exchange with the supplier

Create a task from a checklist

To save time, this update now gives you the possibility to create a task from a checklist step.

Just open the checklist of your choice and click on the "+" sign of the step you are interested in to generate a task.

update mobile cmms

To complete this new feature, users with at least a Premium license can view photos from their checklists.

Save time when scanning your QR codes

Among the new features of this mobile CMMS update is a pop-up that appears as soon as you scan a QR code.

update mobile cmms

Several actions are then available from this window as you can:

  • Create a task
  • Open the equipment sheet
  • View current tasks on this piece of equipment
  • View completed tasks on this piece of equipment
  • Open the corresponding calendar
  • View a list of linked equipment
  • View documents
  • Display counters 

In addition, when you scan a QR code in your mobile CMMS, you now have the option to activate the flashlight on your phone. Simply click on the flashlight icon that appears on your screen.

update mobile cmms

Save energy thanks to the Dark mode

If you prefer to use an app that uses less energy, the update now gives you the possibility to activate the dark mode.

Just open the menu on the left and click on your "User profile".

update mobile cmms

Simply click on the Dark mode slider to activate it.

update mobile cmms

To be able to benefit from all these new features, remember to update your application (Android or iOS) and find out about our three different CMMS packages and price offers!

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