CMMS Software : Payback, ROI and Benefits

CMMS Software : Payback, ROI and Benefits

This is the actual question asked by every decision-maker in every company before purchasing and implementing a CMMS software: what is the cost, and what will be the advantages for the company? This question is very hard to answer due to the very nature of the advantages.

Thanks to Mobility Work, benefits are easy to quantify after only a few months of use. Next-gen maintenance management platform Mobility Work applies to any type of industry and business size, and supports you during the implementation of predictive, Kaizen and Lean practices, thanks to ultra effective features.

Implementing Mobility Work  provides the following benefits:

Improving repairs

First, implementing Mobility Work enables to quickly improve breakdown management as well as repairs thanks to improved spare part management and a decrease in stockouts. Programming alarms on stock levels will allow you to be informed whenever the number of parts in stock falls below the minimum stock level. For example, you can associate spare parts to your preventive maintenance plan and be notified in your CMMS software if spare parts still aren’t available in your warehouse one week before the maintenance intervention. Mobility Work users observe a 25% decrease in the outstocks on average.

Users of the platform also observe a 10% decrease in the number of delayed interventions. Maintenance technicians can quickly access their calendar and maintenance interventions they have worked on. They can be notified a few hours before carrying out the intervention, which enables to improve task management and to reduce the number of delayed work orders.

Our solution offers to improve the scheduling of the maintenance interventions while monitoring your maintenance plans in your CMMS software - calendar day, or triggered from a counter value or a connected sensor. Mobility Work’s user-friendliness helps you plan your maintenance interventions. Improved scheduling should help you reduce the number of failures by 15-20% over the coming months.


Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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Technician availability is also easier to manage: as a matter of fact, if a scheduled task is assigned to a technician and is getting more and more delayed, the maintenance manager will be notified on the app and will be able to assign the intervention to another technician available.

Technicians also benefit from it and have access to all the interventions carried out on a piece of equipment from their mobile maintenance application, which allows them to quickly find the work which has been done by a coworker and to reduce the intervention time. The time saved is about 10 minutes over on a one-hour intervention. The solution also enables users to limit overtime using a better scheduled preventive maintenance, to be informed in real time of the evolution of the operations, to quickly access interventions, etc. This will allow you to reduce time wasted due to faulty management of your maintenance service, and to avoid last-minute work.

Finally, we can observe significant financial results, in particular a 3-5% decrease in the cost of maintenance operations. Improved team management, orders, and stocks will allow you to monitor in real time your maintenance budget in your CMMS software, week after week.

Reducing stock costs thanks to your asset management software

For many users, implementing Mobility Work goes along with a decrease in the number of spare parts in stock in the warehouse. We all have in our companies spare part stocks corresponding to a piece of equipment which is no longer available within your machines. Good spare part management in your CMMS software will allow you to eliminate the 5% spare part surplus in your stock. The platform also offers the possibility to share with the community to determine the number of spare parts available in your area in order to reduce the number of spare part orders by 3% to this day. Consequently, spare part stocking reduces too, since it is proportional to the number of parts in stock. Benefits can vary from several square meters to a full stock according to the size of the spare parts and of your company.

Users also observe a decrease in the spare part stock value. The lower the number of parts in stock, the lower the value of the spare part. The average is 150,000 euros for a company with a stock of 7000 parts.

Those stock improvements and changes have a direct impact on store-controllers and the evolution of their skills. Better intervention management and more efficient work preparation enable to improve stock management. Once 5S has been implemented in your warehouse, and that the process has been defined and organized through your new CMMS software, the store-controller’s position should evolve to become a work planner. Forget about spare parts you need to look for during 3 hours, preventive maintenance operations without any prepared spare part in the warehouse, etc. Store-controllers’ productivity and work preparation are improved.

Less administrative costs

Mobility Work centralizes all the relevant information for all the departments of the company to monitor the plant’s assets. It also enables to manage orders and bills issued from your ERP more easily using the analytics tool from Mobility Work CMMS. For example, you can cross financial data with maintenance data from your CMMS in order to quickly determine which orders have been received on such piece or equipment, or the cost of your summer work, or even track the status of an order on a provider. The user-friendliness of the analytics tool will also allow you to track mistakes on orders which have been registered in your maintenance budget. You can expect to save 1% to 2% on your orders.


Mobility Work's interface is inspired by well-known and user-friendly social networks. 

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Mobility Work’s idea is to put the maintenance management software at the heart of the factory and to provide all the necessary conditions to improve communication between teams. The newsfeed and mobility made possible by smartphones will allow your maintenance teams to be informed in real time. Improve your maintenance management as well as the monitoring of your critical operations on bottleneck machines, and avoid duplicate interventions due to a lack of communication between teams. The productivity gain is expected to reach 10%, and decision-making from maintenance managers is expected to improve too.

The quality of intervention reports is also key: user-friendliness combined with better maintenance data exploitation by your technicians will allow improving maintenance operations data entry. Quickly register your interventions right at the foot of the piece of equipment using your mobile maintenance solution, which also helps users provide more high-quality data. Mobility Work users observe a 20% improvement in data entry

It also becomes easier for you to manage providers. Manage your service providers in your maintenance management software, and quickly draw up an annual report based on several criteria, including safety, cost, quality, and deadlines. You can also track the operations of all your service providers in order to improve their management and to compare them using the feedbacks of the maintenance community.

Finally, improve your decision-making by gathering all the financial information in your CMMS software (spare part, orders, and workforce costs) related to your production lines and to your equipment. Find the answer to the question: should I maintain my piece of equipment, or invest in a new one?

All these advantages will allow you to improve your maintenance service maintenance. Mobility Work is an ultra-efficient tool meant to make your life as well as your technicians’ life easier, which offers a successful and lasting transition to industry 4.0. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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